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Doing Cardio After Weights?


In a cutting phase, has anyone had success tacking 20 minutes of cardio (running, bike, rowing) onto the end of each weights session? For example:

Day 1- Chest/Shoulders/tris + 20 mins run
Day 2- Legs + 20 mins row
Day 3- Back/bis + 20 mins cycle
Day 4- REST


although i wouldnt do it again - i had some sort of minor good results.

Wouldnt do cardio after the leg workout though - heard it actually reduces the positive effect caused by the weight training…

i’d rather do cardio on lifting-free days now - or just do everything via diet (works for me)


If your time is limited, it is certainly better than doing cardio before, or not at all. Still, I’ll agree that if you can keep cardio on non-weight days, your overall results will be better in the long run.



Nothing wrong with it… especially if your cutting. Although I’d be surprised if you have the energy for it after intense weights.


I’ve been doing that for the last 21/2 months, been losing weight and getting stronger. I do cardio 3 times a week for 33min’s with an increase of a minute every week sounds a bit stranger.as the body adapts you either have to add time or change. my carb intake go’s as 100 or less grams on low days, 150 to 200 grams for medium days. I rarely have more the 200 grams. my energy is good. the only thing with such low carbs you tend to look
flat only when I lift and have a pump do my muscle bellies look full


After > before
cardio > no cardio

ASSUMIMG you are lifting intensly… If your lifting sessions are clocking in at 40 minutes or less, I would say do it. If your lifting sessions approach the 1 hr + range, just do the cardio on your off days. Some so-called gurus suggest spreading cardio and lifting out by 8 hrs, but having no experience with this I can’t recommend it one way or the other.


I do 10-15 mins of moderate cardio at the end of my workout, and haven’t seen any adverse effects. If you’re talking about more intense/extended cardio, it’s probably best to do it on a separate day.


I do cardio before my weight training session and although I am still SLOWLY losing weight, I am not sure if that is the best option.

However, I READ many times that John Berardi likes to do just what you are describing - tack on a little cardio after weight training to get ripped/shredded.


I do 20 mins. cardio after lifting when cutting to create a calorie deficit. Been doing it every time I cut and works better than anything else I’ve tried.