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Doing Behind Neck and Front Shoulder Press and Lat Pulldown?


am doing opposing muscle routine:

so i wonder if doing shoulder and lats with these exercises is a good idea?

Front press
front lat pulldown
dumbell raise
standing cable lat pulldown
Behind the neck press
behind the neck lat pulldown


Take literally any routine from this site and follow it to the letter. It will be better than whatever that is.


It depends what your goal is. Antagonistic supersets are good for bodybuilders with time constraints, and want to cut down on rest periods. Good for pumps with medium to light weights(but still intense), several sets with the same working weight.There are also merits for shoulder health due to evenly balanced approach to working opposite muscles push/pull in the same workout. Its one of very many approaches you could take, admittedly not very common. Horses for courses, what works great for some, doesn’t work as well for other.

If your training more for strength or power then its not as useful an approach.