Doing Assistance Exercises After FSL?

In the book Bound under Joker Sets you have.
PR set
Joker sets
First Set Last (multiple sets of 10,8,5). You can even include a down set. My question is with all this do you still need to include assistance exercises? Mainly for the squats and deadlifts.

Yes, because even if you do all of what you mentioned(you should not) it would be done either with the main exercise or the main exercise and then some closely simmilar exercise. Like PR set and Jokers with Squat and FSL with Box Squat, for example.

You still need to get some vertical and horizontal pulls in for upper body. Maybe some rear delt work. Definetly something for triceps.

Yes, i dont think you can just squat a few heavy sets and be done, unless you are a beginner. You will still need ab work, adductor and abductors. And also something a bit different than main work, like good mornings and lunges, etc.

With this said, remember that Joker sets are NOT a regular thing. Its like more of a once every 4 months in one session when you really feel it.
You do your PR set if you want, and then you would do your FSL 5x5… or BBB 5x10. Its still just 1 exercise.
Even if you do BBB of 5x10, you should train something else also a bit, not only 1 exercise for each day.

I like the saying that the best exercise for any muscle is two exercises.

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Yes. If it seems like too much, then just do the PR set and Assistance (The Triumvirate in the original book follows this). If you need more volume, add in the FSL work. If you need more heavy work, use Joker sets occasionally. Be very very aware though, that the word “Joker” sounds really cool and many people seem to want to do Jokers because they sound cool, and not because it makes sense.

I’m stealing that one.

(Although I can already see people stressing over the word two, but whatever you can’t win them all.)