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Doing All the Right Stuff, but No Gain?


Hey everyone. I haven't posted on here a lot so here is my stats
17 (18 in two months)
6' 3"
187 LBS
Bench: honest set = 80LBS (I use dumbbells instead of a barbell)
Clean: 85 LBS

I am weak. I don't care about all the "embarrassment" crap anymore since i realize that everyone else on here was at that point on time or another. I am struggling to gain any more weight/size. I can work out around 4 times a week for about 2 hours. I will list my routines if you want. But i do a lot of exercises that are pretty standard.

I am taking:
GNC Mens Ultimate Multi-Vitamin

I don't eat a lot throughout the day which sucks. I take ADD medication and it kills my appetite. I also don't get a ton of sleep (6-8 hours). But i feel like after starting at 185 and starting to lift consistently again a month ago, that i should have put on at least a little weight. What does everyone on here think i should take? Is it that I'm too young to gain weight?

Also, when/how should i be taking jack3d? I take it about 15 minutes before and sip it all the way through the first 3 sets. I also take it on a half full stomach.

Thanks everyone,

Also, I attached a picture of myself on this post. And those white and red bumps are psoriasis. It sucks but I'm taking some insane inflatables called Humaria. Supposed to clear this stuff right on up!

Thanks again!


Working out four times a week for two hours on a poor diet will not help. To put it in perspective, I spend about 1-1.5hrs in the gym, including the time I spend in the changing room. I think you should post your routines too.

What does your diet look like? I know you say your appetite is poor, but it would help if we could see what you're eating on a daily basis. The supplements you're taking are something that you should fine-tune once you have the basics down. You have to learn to eat even if you feel satiated, even if you feel like you can't possibly manage any more. There've been so many times I have been sitting down for a meal and I have to fight feelings of nausea or force myself to get the food down even if it tastes bland.

Is it possible for you to sleep more? If you have to be up for school early, can you go to bed earlier? Can you nap during the day?

I'd say set yourself some realistic goals for the next few weeks and months, like gradually increasing the amount you eat, or getting more sleep. You don't have to do it all at once.

You don't need to be embarrassed, you came here asking for help, and a lot of guys that look like you post pictures in RMP thinking they're doing great. When I started, I was benching about 60lbs, and I looked worse than you. You're only 17, and if you get yourself started on the right path now you will make good gains.

  1. Id get a better post. AMP Mass XXX doesnt have a whole lotta bang for its buck. it costs too much, has few servings, and isnt too great.

  2. Jack3d is a pre workout. finish it before you go in, if you want to take it at all. I tried it for a few, its decent, but nothing special. Might want to instead put that pre $$ towards a during $$, take a look at Tmuscle store.

  3. get a better Multi vitamin. Knowing GNC, its probably a 1 a day multi thats packed full of an assload of shit you wont absorb. Vitamin Code Mens multivitamin = a 4 a day multi that spreads your intake over the course of a day, that way you absorb more of it, rather than just pissing it out.

  4. GNC is not that great of a shop. Its prices are high (even during its sale weeks), most products have outlandish claims, and just isnt worth it to me. Once again, check tmuscle store, OR if you want to look at the stuff in person, find a vitamin shoppe near you. Vitamin shoppe will have some different stuff than GNC, is a lot cheaper, and you get money back for money spent. Still has some outlandish claims, but hey thats what happens when you carry shit products.

  5. You may have a small appetite but you're gonna have to eat regardless. Im sorry, there's no way to sugar coat that one. Either eat, or dont grow, there isnt a gray matter about the subject.

  6. You say you've been lifting a month. Well, give it time. Muscle takes time to develop, it doesnt happen in a day, a week, a month. This is what separates the weekend warriors from the Truly Dedicated.

Best of luck.


This quoted section is all anyone needs to read from your original post.

  1. Make eating a priority. Eggs, oats, meat, nuts, fruits and veggies. Repeat. And don't be afraid to hit up the pizza buffets with your buddies...you're skinny.

  2. Make sleeping a priority. Unless you have a newborn baby or are in med school, you have no excuse.

Get these 2 priorities in order and we can discuss supplements. All the fucking Jack3D on the planet isn't going to do shit unless you're eating and sleeping.

  1. Pick out a workout routine and stick with it for the next 6 months. I can't tell you how annoying it is to see young guys walking into my gym and they just kind of "go with the flow." Make a plan, write it down, and do it.

And no you're not too young to gain weight. In fact, quite the opposite.


I suspect this is the problem.


In addition to the eating thing, which is the MAIN PROBLEM (eating is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of weight gain), if your ADD meds are amphetemine based that will cause trouble also.

Amphetemines are the most catabolic drugs out there. You arent doing your physique any favors by taking them. I'm not saying dont take medicine, just stating some facts.


Obviously if you have no gains, then you're NOT "doing all the right stuff." Don't kid yourself. At your age, probably the only "supplement" you need is quality food, accompanied by a solid workout.


Thank you all so much. I will start eating better/more starting tomorrow. I guess i will just have to suck it up. Also, about the sleep. I am in high school (graduating in a week or so), then i go to work right after school until nine.

Then i go work out with my girlfriends dad (my girl and i have been together for almost 3 years now). We lift well, and i dont feel tired at all. We work out until about 10:30/11ish. Then protein, home, shower, and bed.

By the time i actually fall asleep it is around 12. Then i get up at 6, even on the weekends for caddying. Im gunna have to start making time. If my schedule does get to hecktice to get the right amount of sleep, will my lifting suffer (besides feeling tired)?

And what do you suggest i take as a pre or during workout? I love the kick, and now i hate going without it.

Thanks again everyone,


This is what I am taking, just 40 MG per day. Why is this bad? I know that my matabilism speeds up while taking it. Also, when i dont take it, i eat EVERYTHING! But not taking this stuff is horrible for me. I have moderate to severe ADHD so it is not an option to stop taking the meds. Kind of sucks, but i have no choice.


SHit, i wish i could stop taking these but i cant. I have severe ADHD so without these im SOL.

Also, thanks a ton everyone.

Does anyone wanna do a semi quick write up of what/how much i should eat every day. Also, what is a good pre or during workout boost? I love the kick.

Thanks a ton everyone,


Peanut Butter (the natural stuff) and a spoon! Problem solved!

Oh and Milk, the full-fat kind, half gallon or so of that each day.





Eat until you can't, six times a day. When your fat friend says "that's alot of food" you're off to a good start. Make sure every meal has a butt ton of protein. For your preworkout "kick", eat a bunch of carbs and take some caffeine pills and protein. Same during minus the caffeine. Then eat some more. Seriously. Steak, beef, chicken, fish, turkey, tuna, eggs, milk, cottage cheese, beans, oils, nuts, avocados, rice, potatoes, and as much spinach as you can pile on it. At your size, you will be surprised at how little you need to grow. Eat and find out.


Yeah, looks like your meds have amphetamines in them. But I guess you can't help that.

About the age thing, I'm 16, and I've put on around 28lbs in the last nine months. I think everyone's got it right, you just gotta try and eat more. As for a food plan, I just made sure I stuffed my face at every meal - probably not the best way to do it, but its been working alright for me!

Good luck!


Looks like i need to become a devourer of everything that lies in my way!
Ha. Thanks everyone. But what should I do for supplements? I really shouldn't take straight caffeine pills with my ADHD meds, since i could very easily pass out or other bad shit.



Well caffeine is only gonna be with some, notice i say some, pre workouts, and other things like diuretics. I dont think youll be finding Post workouts or during workouts with caffeine in it. So id continue checking things, but just dont take a pre workout stimulant. Most of whats on the market today in terms of pre workouts are just nonsense combinations of caffeine, Vit c, B 12, and creatine.

Like i said if you want to invest in a during workout drink, look at the tmuscle store. At your level, you honestly dont NEED too many supplements. A good post workout, and MAYBE creatine, and even thats debatable. Get a good post, and just worry about your food intake.


Couple of things, you are not doing it right.

If you think you are, you are LYING TO YOURSELF.

You are NOT CONSISTANTLY eating 6 whole food meals a day, and you are not training hard 5-6x a week.

P.S - your ADD medication may kill your appetite, but you could always just stop being a pussy and force food into your mouth anyway.

P.S P.S - forget about supplements.


Invest in a good fish oil / omega-3 supplement. Omega-3's might even improve your ADHD, but no guarantees. Read up on Biotest's Flameout to get an idea about dosage. The most cost effective is probably a bottle of Carlson's liquid fish oil. Suck it up and put it down, although it really isn't bad at all.


What do you mean "straight caffeine"?

Caffeine is caffeine. 200mg from a No Doz pill is the same as 200mg from Jack3d.

Forget supplements.

Whey protein is food. Spend your money on food.

You dont seem to understand some basic stuff. And if theres a potential to do yourself harm with the add meds then you should stop taking supplements.


Recently a few posh supplement companies have introduced an alternate product, "gay caffeine", which in addition to increased energy, also induces fruity hand gestures, high vocal tone, tremendous focus on fashion and gossip, and a longing for capris and messenger bags.

It is yet to be determined how successful the product will be, as it is only in its pre-release stages in San Francisco and Miami.