Doing All Squatting with Safety Squat Bar

I tried the safety squat bar today for the first time and I found it so much easier to squat using it. I was able to go ATG. I struggle to squat with a regular barbell. Can I just do all squatting using the safety squat bar from now on?

You don’t need anyone’s permission. Train however you like dude!

What is the purpose of the Safety Squat Bar? Is it meant for people like me who struggle with straight bar squats due to hip flexibility? Is it suppose to be easier or harder than straight bar squats? I’m just curious about the thinking behind the bar and whether it was intended to replace straight bar squats or not.

Without you specifying your own goals, it’s impossible to say if the SSB can replace straight bar squats or not.

The bar is built with nuetral handles on the front, which takes away shoulder stress.
It has a camber built into it, which overloads the upper back.

I would say those are the two biggest variables that make the SSB different than a barbell. For some good reading on the subject, check this out

Additionally, search for this article on google

“Elitefts Classic: Use the Yoke Bar / Elite FTS”

The safety bar makes holding the weight easier for the shoulders and distributes it further forward, which means that the body has to move more like in a front squat but without supporting the weight on your front delts. When you ask ‘can I do all squatting with the safety bar’, the answer is “yes, unless back squatting is a skill you need to practice (because you compete in powerlifting, for instance)”. So, essentially, the answer to your question depends on your goal.