Doing AD, Routine Questions

Alright some backgr0und here:
20 Years old
Aprox 20% b/f
Bench: 215
Squat: 245
Deads: 275

Current Routine:
TBT, 3x a week. Pretty much taken DIRECTLY from Waterbury. Talk about infringement! Kidding, I love learning from the guys who know what they are talking about.

Current Diet:
TNT, over at menshealth. Basically A non-ketogenic diet. Maintain 20-50 grams of Carbs a day, moderate-high fat, moderate-high protein. I have been eating this way for about 6 weeks. No carb-ups at all, I have been doing their “Plan A” which is the most carb restrictive.

Lower my bodyfat from the 20 percent mark down to 10-12. Once I get to a nice “look good naked” level haha I plan on adding mass, CLEANLY.

I am going to start the Anabolic Diet. I have read EVERY thing on the internet about it. Every post here on T-Nation, other websites, I have the BB Anabolic Diet PDF etc… I understand it. The primary change will be the carbups… and increased fat. I ate plenty of fat, however I now realize post-reading the info on anabolic diet how important it is to fat adaptation.

I would LIKE to go directly to the cut portion of the diet, however I understand that the introductory period plus staying at maintenance is important so for the month of December I am doing the AD maintenance phase. Following that I will transition to the cut phase until I meet my BF desires, and then transition to a clean bulk.

On the carbups, I will avoid a lot of the “Cheap” sugars, I won’t be doing entire rolls of cookie dough, or boxes of cereal (been carb restricted for almost 2 months, with the exception of Thanksgiving…so all of that DOES sound fantastic though!).

Instead my weekends will consist of whole wheat pastas, Potatoes, Yams(favorite), and other similarly carb packed, but GI friendly choices. Also I will do the 36 hour carbup, from all day Saturday till I go to bed on Sunday.

I get not to pick around with things here, the diet is created to be FOLLOWED not modified by newbies and I don’t pretend to be smarter than DiPaq or Disc Hoss or any of the others on this. I will follow it to the letter, and use the month at maintenance (18x body weight) to add a little clean mass before I reduce my bf%.

Any Routines that come to mind that you suggest for the AD?
Opinions on doing important muscle groups (legs, back) the days following carbup (when glucose is present in muscles)…followed by fullbody on fridays to chew up remaining glucose stores. I understand depletion through excersize is not a DiPasquallian principle, just wondering what everyone thinks of it?

I mean if the point of a limited carbup is to cause a sudden increase in insulin…increasing stress in our bodies thus producing some of the elements of the anabolic environment of this diet…and its to replenish glucose stores for better lifts, then why not COMPLETELY empty the tank prior to carbups just to avoid potentially over-filling our stores and having it spill over in the form of fat being layed down.

Any tips? Hints? Ideas? Criticisms? I can take it ya’ll bring the good pain, I want to learn and I want to make my body a temple!

Hey if this belongs in the Bodybuilding, or Supplement and Nutrition forums by all means move it. I figured Beginners made the most sense because I am just starting something brand new here.