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Doing a Test E Cycle with Anxiety?


Just wanted to get some opinions on doing a Test E cycle for someone who has issues with anxiety and panic attacks…? I did a cycle a few years ago back when i was 21 Test E and Dbol, HCG etc. and gained about 25 pounds with no sides throughout cycle or post-cycle.
However, circumstances are a little different now than they were during my first cycle, as i have been experiencing a lot of anxiety over the last year thats lead to a lot of panic attacks and Dr visits. I would like to run another cycle, but I am nervous that test would exacerbate these issues even further.
I was given lexapro and xanax to tackle these issues, but I honestly dont want to take these drugs. I’d be interested if a straight test cycle would actually improve my anxiety. Maybe run a trt level dose for 10-12 weeks and see how I feel. Any opinions on this or any expereince with this?


I have had similar issues over the last few years with some bad stuff going on. I did a couple of cycles during this time and did not have any problems during cycle it was after during pct I had some issues. Got a bit depressed and dont think clomid helps in fact its horrible stuff! Nolva was a little better. One thing i did find helped was to taper off over a few weeks which helped my body gradually adapt to being natural again. Have you heard of the test stasis taper?


I take Lexapro for anxiety too… I cant say I notice it much on cycle as the only thing I notice on test cycles is being incredibly horny 24/7.


Your depression may have an identifiable cause. Could be T:E imbalance or something like thyroid or adrenal fatigue. We face this aspects in the T-replacement forum. Go to the one sticky there and in the second post you will find links to what used to be the stickies.

Read the advice for new guys sticky:

prolactin if <=35
CBC with hematocrit
fasting glucose
fasting cholesterol [could be too low]
AM cortisol [at 8AM please]
fT4 [please not T3, T4]

Vit-D3 converts to an essential hormone Vit-D25. Please take 5,000iu ED

Get EFA’s in your diet

If you do not use iodized salt, you can easily be deficient.

If you want to proceed with the above, start a thread in the T-replacement forum.