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Doing a Girl a Favor?


My friend seems to think that he is doing his girl a favor by going out with her. He said and i quote"Im better looking in better shape and just plain better than her. ill do her a favor till i find someone better". I wanted to punch him in the fucking face.this girl is nice and is by no mean an ugly woman however even if she was i think this is uexcuseable. I really dont want to be this guys friend anymore. What are some of your thoughts on this?


Ha ha ha. I bet he gets alot of tail too.

Cockt bastard.



A) To know that you are doing the woman a favor by asking her out, and vice-versa that she is doing you a favor by accepting, is a good attitude to have.

B) To know that nothing is meant to last forever and even to go out with several women at the same time is one thing, to more or less brag about it shows someone is an asshole without class.

C) I think you still believe women are delicate creatures that do not see through such BS. She probably knows what he is doing and lets him get away with it.

Who knows why? Who wants to know.

An asshole she wants, an asshole she gets, just make sure you are not the one she comes to, crying and complaining.


If you really dont want to be friends with him, tell him. Also, tell her that this guy is a dick and he isnt in her best interest. It may hurt her a little bit now, but it will hurt her alot more if she starts to really like him after a while.


Punch him in the face. I'd say, tell her because you'll be doing her a favor, but she might not listen and would probably think you're trying to start crap.


Take his girlfriend.


First just absolutely cut this guy off don't explain anything to jim just quit talking too and seeing him, no phone calls or anything just hang up let him figure it out.

As for the girl listen the greatest thing I learned in life is that some times the people who aren't the best looking people are the most beautiful people I would try to talk to her and be her friend if you like her maybe she'll turn out to be your girlfriend but the bottom line she'll be far better off with you.

Your so called friend is a sorry excuse for a man and a loser.


  1. If you don't want to be someones friend, then dont be his friend.

  2. If you still want to be his friend, you would respect his decision to date this woman for whatever reason he sees fit.

  3. Women are not helpless frail creatures that need their boyfriends friends looking out for them. Keep your nose in your own buisness.


If your friend is telling you all this, then maybe you should just tell him what you think too - that he's being an asshole. And see what he says about that.


I don?t get why his friend is THAT bad.

Let?s say he is a little bit of an asshole towards here and that is EXACTLY WHAT SHE WANTS.

Could well be.

Question: If you treat a woman just a little bit bad so that she has all the drama she needs and can enjoy sex without feeling guilty, are you really BEING an asshole when behaving like one?

I wish a woman would react to my post and say that it is complete BS, but I don?t think it will happen.


never said that she didnt see it and never said that i was going to "save her" Also never said that women are delicate creature that cant fend for themselves, women are jsut as capable as men in standing up for there self i just said i wanted to punch him in the face cause i thoguht what he said was totally mean. However you are right it's not my buisness, but i like her not anything more than a friend and dont want to see her get hurt. i just wanted to see what others thought . So thanks for your input.


Sick um carrie


do girls date asshole because they think they can "fix" them?


That seems to be the case on hit tv-show "House".

Jokes aside, some girls might, some girls might not. Its kinda like asking "do men date babes because they think it makes them look thinner?". Just makes no sense to be asking, if you ask me.

Which you kinda did, and kinda didnt. :slightly_smiling:


LOL!! I need to re-read it and think about it first. I've been sick for weeks now (first some weird stomach thing, then bronchitis, then some weird stomach thing. Somebody kill me, please!), so give me a few hours to think about it. :slightly_smiling:


i think some girls do, yeah. Other date assholes because they think they deserve it and/or can't do any better. And sometimes I have to wonder if there's the occasional chick who enjoys it on some level.


One man's "mean" is another man's honesty. If he were engaged to the girl, or in any sort of exclusive relationship, I would agree with your anger.

If she just wants guilt-free sex, then I'm not sure what his evaluations of her have to do with anything. Him telling her those evaluations might be hurtful and cruel, but making them to a supposed friend shouldn't be such a big deal.


If so, only to a small degree, most assholes do a lot of things right instinctively, that "nice guys" don?t.

They pursue her aggressively and laugh in her face if she rejects them - at first.

They are sexual creatures, they are not ashamed of it, and they make it clear from the start that they know that women love it too.

They don?t act like their best girlfriend/ therapist but like that hairy, agressive, horny beast that she is genetically programmed to desire.

In other words they make her feel like a woman that is desired, they make her feel alive, vibrant, sexual, and so on...

Most of the time they get dumped by the women quickly because grown-up women don?t put up with their inmature BS for too long, but usually sex is involved in that equation.


Exactly, doesn't sound all that mean at all. As long as he isn't leading her on and dropping love bombs on her, so what if he's cocky. Besides, he was probably at least 50% playing while he said it, just to make himself look good in your eyes. It's probably more of a comment that means he looks up to YOU, than anything about the girl.



Sounds like you got the hots for her