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Doing a Cycle While on TRT


Looking for some advice here guys,

I have been prescribed Test injections for low test and will be injecting 100mg EW. Split into two injections.

This is expected to bring my levels to a "normal" range.

Now my question is, have any of you guys then even boosted your dosage to say 500mg per week, for a course of 12 weeks, to maximise muscle gains. If so how did this work for you?

Also in relation to PCT, how would this work as I will more than likely be taking Test for the rest of my life? Would it just be a case of tapering down the Test to my 100mg EW "precribed" dose, and maintaining HCG and AI treatment?

Can you see any major issure with what i have described here? If this is not permitted in the T Replacement forum i could move it to Steroids but i would like the opinions of TRT guys if possible

Thanks in advance.


Probably better suited for Steroids forum, but its an easy question to answer (though you might get more feedback there).

There are a few who utilized the "blast and cruise" method, both doctor prescribed (cruises) and not (they source it all themselves). They have good gains, obviously, since there is no difference between this and running normal steroid cycles when you have good hormone levels (no need for HRT). The benefits are that no PCT is required, so HRT users are probably more apt to keep their gains than a standard cycler of AAS since some is inevitably lost during PCT.

There is no need to taper your dose down after the cycle. The longer lasting esters in the Test E do that naturally more or less. Just stop your blast one week, and pick up with your cruise the following week. You will eventually return your steady state plasma levels (between 100-200 mgs).



This is a question I was just about to ask and this is awesome news. VTballa you keep the TRT part of the forum alive, thanks for all of the good info.


Thanks man, thats a really good answer, appreciate it.