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Doing a Cycle to Heal a Muscular Injury?


I posted in the injury section also, but long story short. I hurt my neck while lifting over three months ago. My X-ray and MRI showed nothing wrong with the bones, nerves or discs in my spine; it’s just that my neck muscles are extremely weak. Physical therapy was starting to work but ended up just setting me back to where I was at the beginning of my injury if not worse.

Searching online, there seems to be mixed views about the abilities of anabolics to help an injury. Some swear by it, while others say it will only make problems worse. Do you think running a cycle might help me out? Would run something like 100mg Deca + 250mg Test E for 6-8 weeks if I were to go down this route.

I’m 22 years old and had been lifting seriously for two years before the injury if that matters



it doesn’t sound like you need gear bud. it sounds like you need to let rest and heal. you don’t have a serious injury as it would have shown itself on tests. I get the feeling you are expecting to heal while still hitting it at the gym. if you add gear to it you are just going to try to work out harder and hurt yourself more. just let it heal. you are only 22, you’ll bounce back fast. take some time off. once you are good, then try some gear if you are still that curious. getting on gear at your age to heal from a minor injury is just not the right reason. I don’t think you’ll get many people to disagree with me on this.


The thing is though I haven’t been working out at all the past 3 months. And physical therapy did nothing for me so I thought this might help heal/strengthen the muscles, but if it is only going to make things worse than I will lay off it.


Agreed. There is simply too much at risk for such a minor issue, if u want to call it an injury. Sounds to me like u just need to spend some time strengthening up your neck. No roids needed for that! Why risk shutting down your natty test production for something u can fix with either more rest or some neck strengthening exercises?? At your age, u really don’t want that to happen. Your natural test levels are peaking right now. Use that, don’t lose it!


Is the potential of shutting down your natural test really that bad, isn’t that what trt is for?

I’ve been stretching it and going to physical therapy for months to no avail, wouldn’t this speed up the strengthening process?


.Yes TRT is for people that have under “normal” level test ranges. But remember, TRT is for life. Are u ready for that?? That’s what u have to ask your self. imo, it would be crazy to shut yourself down on purpose just to need TRT. If I were you, Id get a blood test to see where your at, test range wise. If your levels are good then u really want to weigh your choices out.


very much agree… its like breaking yourself on purpose in “hopes” you could get past that small strain you may have a little faster. seems a bit extreme. just check your levels as isoldier suggested to assure you are within levels and wait out to get on gear. when you make that step make sure you are doing it for the right reason.


Ok thanks; you guys know better. I’m seeing a MAT specialist tomorrow.


Good call bro!