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Doing a Cycle After 30 Days of Letro

I did a cycle of pro hormones (superdrol) 8 months ago. Last month, I decided to do a gyno reversal cycle of Letro,Caber, and p-5-p. Now that my gyno is pretty much gone, I’m stopping the letro, later this week, and starting Nolva in case of estrogen rebound. My question is, how long after taking letro and nolva should you wait until starting a real cycle of Test E. I’ve done a search and read about how long you should wait in between a cycle and pct before your next, but I don’t know if this counts as the same thing.

What exactly does your real cycle of Test E look like? That is how many mg per week; how many weeks; what ancillaries are you running; and in what doses; do you have pins already?
If you’re already dealing with genuine gyno you better get everything straight before your first poke. Not to mention you provided no personal details at all