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Doing 5x10 on 3 Shoulder Exercises


...which would you pick?
so far iv got dumbbell press.
not sure whether 5x10 on plate raises and lateral raises would be too much?


bent press, side press, macebell 360s, clubbell leverage swings, front raises, rear delt rows.


It depends on how often you plan on doing this workout, but if you really want to work the shoulders I think a combination of Arnold presses, front raises and lateral raises. If you decide to only do two exercises I would then omit the front raises, but it all depends on how you feel. Try something for a month and change it.


I'd recommend doing a heavy set of 5x5 with standing military press, then maybe 5x10 on side and rear lateral raises if you feel up to. Just remember thats a lot of volume, your shoulders will probably grow with just the press if youre a beginner.


barbell military press and lateral raises ftw


According to your training log, you're 6'5", 196 pounds, and you "just started 5/3/1 but added more accessory exercises (don't hate)".

You are, literally, the exact type of person Wendler would want doing the program as-is, without adding extras.

Do the pressing, do a lateral or rear delt raise, move on.

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

Not to get off on a tangent, but I can't let this slide.

Dude, you really need to read questions more carefully and think about the forum you're in. No way in hell I'd do the bent press for 5x10. The side press is questionable with that volume too. And where the hell is a beginner going to get a macebell or clubbell? [/rant]


just like any lift you need to build your work capacity for the lifts. but then i do question any lift to be done 5x10. unless you are going more for endurance and then you would using a rather light weight. i know my bent press is 90% of my BB overhead press and i can do more reps at a lighter weight with the bent press. but then i like that lift so i have done it for a long time.

i built an adjustable macebell for 25 bucks with pipe from home depot. for 60 bucks total i have enough pipe for 2 adjustable clubbells and that macebell. and it did help that i already had plenty of standard plates in the 1.25 up to 10lbs plates.

i attached a pic of those. i have several couplers and varying size nipples so i can make these things from 2ft to 5ft. using from 1 to, so far, 8 plates. which is way more than what i can handle. i have 1in handles right now. the next step is a second reducer so i can use 1.5in handles.

but to each their own. :slightly_smiling:


do your overhead pressing, a few sets of lateral and rear raises and stop overthinking it.