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Doing 3 Lift Workouts But Can't Recover

Hi, looking for some advice, I am 53 6’ 5" 300 (60 to 80 of the lbs are just fat) I have worked out on and off since I was 19 but have had long periods of not doing anything…injuries and life getting in the way. I am currently on TRT my labs are great as in like under 30yrs old #s. Due to time I stated to do a basic workout of squat, bench, dead lift, I do standing press sometimes but right now not a part of my work out will add it later. I love it but… I can’t do it MWF it takes me 2 or 3 days to recover enough to do it again my goal is to add lean muscle loose lbs and get stronger. I try to add lbs every workout and I am trying to lift the most I can for reps every time. I have had good success in adding lean muscle and getting stronger even with only getting a workout an avg of only twice a week.
It looks like this workout
Squat 135 x 8 reps, 185 x 5, 225 x 5, 255 x 5, 275,x5, 287 x 5
Bench 135x10, 155x6, 185x5, 225x5, 245x5
Dead lift 245x5, 245x5 if I am not to wasted I do it a 3rd time
I drink a good protein shake everyday and eat as good as I can between workouts. I have tried recovery supplements but none seem to speed my recovery up. Any advise ya’ll have would be appreciated.

First, that’s not a goal. That’s three very vague ideas. At your size and age, I’d suggest prioritizing fat loss moreso than the others, but that’s your call. Also, your training plan (the exercises and sets/reps you’re using) aren’t even ideal for two of those three. That type of training is much more strength-focused.

Are you doing any kind of cardio on a regular basis - walking, biking, anything?

Part of the issue is that your body simply can’t recover from 3 full body sessions per week, at least the way your current training is hitting the whole body. Something like the Waterbury Method is a good way to hit everything each session, but it uses different sets and reps per bodypart for each workout, so recovery is less of an issue. Think about something like that, plus as much walking on the non-lifting days as your schedule will allow.

Or, if you’re realistically only getting in two sessions per week, you could do a few sets of complexes each session, preceded by 1-2 exercises for 4x5-8 (I prefer to keep some heavy-ish lifting to complement the lighter complexes). And, again, walking on the non-lifting days. Understand though, with limited exercise, your diet needs to be that much more on point to see any fat loss.

[quote]I have tried recovery supplements but none seem to speed my recovery up.
Not sure what you’ve tried, but something like Surge Workout Fuel during the session (not after, like a traditional post-workout shake) can definitely help with recovery.

What does your day’s diet look like, as specifically as possible?

First off Thanks, also I should said as for my lb about 4 yrs ago I was almost 400lbs so to me 300 is great even knowing I need and want and will loose more fat it’s just not my only focus at this time. I understand the “not a goal”… I shouldn’t have used that word what I meant was I want to add lean muscle loose to get stronger and in doing so loose lbs, in my understand adding lean muscle will help me loose lbs and get stronger, and stronger is my main focus at this time. I think my comment misdirected my post. My main question is about recovery after a full body workout.
Cardo, last 2 years on 50% of my non lifting days I was walking 2 - 2.5 miles and riding a stationary bike for 15-20 min on off days as well as before workouts, as of the last few months I have not been doing as much cardo but am getting back into it now. Part of the cardo lay off was trying to rest.
Diet I eat about 3000 to 3500 cal a day mostly proteins from fish, chicken not much red meat. I drink protein shakes in the morning and before bed. I eat nuts, avocado, bananas. The fish and chicken are 60% of the time fried. I haven’t been really watching my diet in the way I have in the past when the main focus was dropping lbs.
I will read up on the Waterbury Method and look into the Surge Workout Fuel.
Again thanks for taking the time

If you want to continue this layout, have a look at Greyskull LP or lift to lower intensities (eg. If you are leaving 1 rep in the tank, leave 2 then push harder every third week). I’d recommend that you consider a different program schema though.

Congrats on the progress so far.

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Yeah look into a Waterbury program -they tend to lean people out fast.

If have some coin look into Plazma intra workout and/or Mag -10 post workout and recovery will sky rocket.

One day a week do 45mins-1hrs HIIT cardio on the bike and your work capacity and therefore what you can recover from will improve

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Hey, my last post might help you. At our ages we must vary our intensity. That’s why Wendler’s 5/3/1 has worked so well for me. I am certainly not saying it’s the only way to train. A little experimentation and research will help you decide what works and what doesn’t work for you. I know you stated you Test level is good. We’re your other labs normal? Thyroid, B-12, Liver, Kidney, etc. Make sure all of your labs are good first. Hope this helps.