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Tried the exercise as describe by Patricia in her interview.Couldn’t find the article for some reason. Started with light weights after warmup(30 lbs) each side and was only able to do 3-5 reps each for 4 sets. Thing is it had me huffing and puffing just as much as a 20 rep squat after each set, is there a tempo for this exercise? Or did I just do it wrong maybe?
Any suggestions, advise appreciated. Thanks R.D

The tempo for the Bear is: Get it done however you can!

Ray: You’ll find The Bear here: www.renegadetraining.com/10_02_02/index.html (scroll down a bit…)

As for tempo, Ike is kinda right. I mean, at first, you just wann get the damn thing done! But there is a tempo. Remember: explode up into the push press, lower right into the squat, for instance. But the description in Coach Davies' article pretty much explains nicely!