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OK people the use of Dog in its various spellings is all over this site and we know what kind of dog TC has, I was wondering what kind of dog the rest of you have, or what you think the Ultimate T-Dog is.

Hands down,the American Bulldog.They were brought to the states from various European countries back in the 1700’s and have changed very little since then.They were originally bred for bear-baiting,bulldogging,and dogfighting and dammit if they ain’t capable of still doing just that.At 27inches and 100lbs they look like over-sized pitbulls.The fact that they allow the English bulldog tohave that name is a mockery of the bulldogs heritage.

Alaskan Huskie and a Cocker Spaniel.

Great Dane, St. Bernard, Newfoundland, and a six pound full grown short-hair cat. I think my pups need Androsol cuz the cat runs the yard!

A five year old pure bred Rottweiller. 140lbs of fire !!!

I have a Dalmation. He’s a crazy one with one blue eye and one brown eye. Very good tempered, loves people and other dogs, and is quite the good looker. Takes after his master!

BOXER - hands down, case closed

I forgot to mention that I have a German Shepard-smart,strong,lean,loyal,and handsome! He has my vote for ultimate T-Dog.

I have a 90 pound Akita named Tytus. Hybrid name from Titan and Justice. (not a tribute to Craig Tytus) - Matt

A 112lb boxer, and they’re only supposed to get to about 85lbs!

I have a mutt who’s just like me but I have always been partial to St. Bernards and Mastiffs. Wolf and dog hybrids are fascinating as well. I had the pleasure seeing one and it was quite tame and loves children. If you’re into cats mountain lions are legal to own, so are bobcat and mynx hybrids. I have a friend who had a litter of them. There’s also a new breed, which is very expensive, called a Pixybob (sp?). I know a breeder for them too.

mike, the american bulldog is truly a great beast. i owned one for one night.
i adopted him from a respectible local breader(she owned the famous piedpiper)and he was beautiful.
he was a year old when i got him and when i brought him home he saw his reflection in a door length mirror and barked at himself. scared the shit outta my wife so she made me give him back.
a have a boxer, and they’re very good dogs aswell.

have you ever seen the olde english bulldogge?
nothing like the ones of today.
their are some breeders here in the states.
if you haven’t seen on do a search on it.

I have two german shepherds myself, so like most shepherd owners I am extremely biased, but as far as the ultimate T-dog goes it is hands down the FILA. A Fila will eat TC’s, my shepherds and all your english bulldogs for lunch. These dogs originated in Brazil for hunting AND killing tigers! THey are extremely loyal to it’s family and that is about it. It is the only breed that is allowed to be shown and not touched by the judges! There are a couple of sites out there for filas, check em out, they are truly monstrous, T-DOGS.

140lb Rottweiller.

We had a great E-dog, a yellow labrador named Vanilla. Our son loved her so-o-o-o much! Unfortunately we put her in a dog pension while we were on vacation, and they let some T-dog get at her while she was in heat. To end the pregnancy required treatment that ultimately left her subject to getting cancer, which killed her at the age of six. My wife, my son and I buried her on a friend’s moshav (agricultural settlement). Our life since has been saddened by the loss of this beautiful family member. Let’s have T-men, forget the T-dogs.

A Belgian Sheepdog. Its solid black and looks like a wolf. Beautiful dog, but I hope no one ever breaks in b/c he’s a baby. Great dog though. He’s had a few problems over the past few months and has needed to take steroids for it. Anyone who still says they don’t work, check my dog out. He’s a monster now, people get scared when they come over, even though he’s the friendliest thing around. Damn he’s jacked, get jealous sometimes.

I think it would depend more on the dog’s attitude than breed or size, but anything under 60 lbs., need not apply. However, I think I have the official Testosterone dog. He’s the real T-Dog! His name is Zor, and he is a 175 lbs. Rottweiler that looks much more like a Mastiff. He weighs 175 because he recently went through a cutting phase as the Vet got concerned about his weight. But he’s not fat, he easily jumps into and out of pick ups. Also, he marks his territory, like any dog, but I have seen this dog piss on a couch because someone he evidently didn’t like had been sitting there. I’ll try to send a pic to TC when they get back from the Arnold. Personally I like Dobermans, Great Danes, Labs, and Rhodesian Ridgebacks, but Zor has attitude and therefore get’s my vote as T-Dog.

the argentine dogo are some very tough dogs, aswell as the cane corso.
it’s hard to say.
am staffs,eng. staffs. and bull terriers are all very(or were)very fierce dogs.
and the am. bulldogs were very tough also.
i’m sure the bullmasstiff at one time was formidible too.

Acutally Moony, I don’t think they have tigers in Brazil, my understanding is that the fila was bred to hunt Jaguars. Regardless he is probably the baddest, asskickingest, name takingest sonofabitch that the canine world has to offer. (consider he has to be fast to run down a dam jaguar and then bad enough to kick his ass…nough said).