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Dogs on 'Roids


I was talking to a vet just yesterday and somehow got on the topic of weightlifting / nutrition. He is a fairly big guy, I think he tips the scale at 225 and very lean (at 6'3"). He is a Vet and he mentioned to me that numerous times he has had people come in wanting to get their dog on a cycle of winny. He says mostly pitbull people who just want their dog to bulk up.

I couldn't believe I was hearing this so of course I continued to prod. Apparently, it is a very strict procedure to use winny on animals, he equated it to the same "tight collar" that you would see from a physician prescribing HRT. They need specific blood work done every 3-6 months depending on the age of the dog, and they need to have cited reasons for its use. As you would guess, the shot needs to be given in the facility.



I think that's horrible. Aside from perhaps police dogs, I don't see any need for dogs to 'bulk up'. Even if the dog is bought by an owner partly for protection, in the rare event that he's needed I'm sure he'd do just fine without steroids.


I agree... And I think a dog on steroids protecting its ownner would kill the intruder, and then some.


They use them for fighting. A dog fighting ring was broken up here a while back and some of the implements confiscated were ampules of some type of roids and syringes. They actualy had a power lifting type of setup for the dogs. The pits they took out of there were of course humongus, but also scarred up and in need of medical attention. One of te more greusome facts that were exposed was that this ring was kidnapping a bunch of other dogs for practice.


Several years ago I had a roommate whose vet father declawed and fixed his black cat.

My roomate was not up to taking care of a house cat but we couldn't let him outside thanks to dad the vet.

I felt sorry for the cat so I gave him a cycle of androsol. You should have seen the look in his eyes the first day. He looked evil. That thing has got to weigh 50 pounds now.


So you took your roomate's cat and gave it steroids, just for fun? I'm pretty sure that makes you an asshole. I'm not a vet, but I imagine a 50 pound cat is bound to have some health issues as well. I hope your roomate kicked your ass.


I did it because I felt sorry for the poor critter. After the vet hacked off all it's claws, it used to just sit there, holding it's paw out, staring at it.

I figured a little vitamin T would do him some good.

He certainly seemed a lot more happy sitting there staring at his wood.

I might be an asshole but least I didn't take a scalpel to his wedding tackle and paws like the vet.


Dude, that is some fucked up shit. It may be really hard on the cats liver. The point is, you could've shortened its life a lot.


Yeah, I'm pretty sure that does make you an asshole.


You mean, you didn't perform a useful and responsible surgical procedure following well-established medical protocols, you just jabbed a pin full of juice into an animal just to see what would happen?

You're a fucking asshole; you ought to be arrested for animal cruelty.

(And I don't even like cats.)


I don't like cats either. So, I am probably an asshole too, because when Sifu wrote,
"He certainly seemed a lot more happy sitting there staring at his wood"
I came pretty close to laughing out loud. Which is something I never do, while sitting at the computer.

\|/ 3Toes


I too was laughing out loud!


Ditto, cause I still stare at mine in amazement :-p