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Dogs Hate Me...


So, dogs really don't like me a whole lot. Just today on the way back from the gym I had it happen again. The owners always say the same damn thing before it happens too, "Don't worry, he/she is just a loud mouth" or something like that, then, bam the dog charges at me and tries to chomp off my sack (always the sack...). Take home lesson, DON'T listen to the owner, listen to the dog.

Usually they charge and then stop a few meters away so I just wait it out until their owners call them back, but every once in a while (like today) they don't stop and I've got to either back the fuck up at light speed or fight their dog (which is a situation where nobody wins).

My question is, why? I noticed that it usually happens just before or just after I'm at the gym, so can they smell a spike in my T-levels? Do I walk too aggressively? Do they hate my gotee?

Anyone else have this problem?


I assume you don't own a dog?

I think being a dog owner often puts you at an advantage when meeting new dogs. You're probably giving of subtle signs that you're not dog-friendly.


Before this thread turns into only lulz or (hopefully) an interesting debate, I'll just say I would very un-surprised if it has something to do with testosterone levels and etc.

But I will be sitting back and reading this one.


DELETE DELETE DELETE Gawd sometimes I say the most fucked up things.


I know a girl who can help you with this problem.


Well don't delete! Don't fight it, don't hide it girl!


I don't have a dog. I've read somewhere that dogs may get aggressive if you stare at them in the eyes. Since I don't wear my glasses to the gym I can't really tell if I'm making eye contact with the dog as we approach each other, so it's possible I'm giving off signs like this.


Tell us what you wrote Hallowed; we are most curious now!


What exactly does your trek to and from the gym look like for you to keep running into these dogs?


Are you afraid of dogs? It's either that or something in your body language that's setting them off. Animals are pretty perceptive.

FTR, animals and children love me.


This is unlikely. Dogs are one of the few if not only animals that can recognize human facial cues and tend to look at human faces. Looking a dog in the eye isn't the same as eye contact in nondomesticated animals.

This is a fantastic book about dogs and their behavior from a different perspecitive. http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2010/feb/20/inside-of-a-dog-review

Well worth a read in my opinion. One assertion is that dogs are extremely adept at picking up their owner's cues by expression and posture on how the owner feels about a new person. And that some of a dog's reaction is how the owner feels.

Also another interesting ongoing study is the fox breeding project that seeks at least somewhat to emulate the rise of the dog. Basically that self selected foxes are bred for traits that humans find desirable...eye contact, willingness to be touched etc.

Can't help a ton on why dogs don't like you or seem not to unless perhaps you are feeling nervousness or anxiety dogs would definitely pick up on that.



It's been said dogs can read the soul...


Apparently, those dogs do not want him to procreate.



Or have they seen him around the block?


The best thing you can do is to keep walking casually as though you didn't even see or hear the dog. Don't even acknowledge its presence. All but the most aggressive dogs will lose steam when they see you don't care. This is because 99% of them are just scared/nervous because you're a stranger. If a dog continues to pursue you under these circumstances, there's not much you can do to prevent its attack.

If you do get physically attacked, use quick kicks to their hind and neck to push them away. Put pressure on their neck, it is a natural weak point and can prevent further movement. If you fall down, cover your face and don't attack back. You can't outrun a dog (even the smallest of them are wicked fast). Nor can you beat it in a fight.

Take note of the breed that these dogs are. 90% of breeds have a naturally calm temperament, however breeds such as a rotweiler or terrier are very aggressive. Many dogs just want to run up and sniff you (barking loudly in the process), so if you just keep walking there won't be any problems.




Maybe you smell like fear.

As far as the sack, do you stuff your drawers with sausage? Maybe he smells the sausage.



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Why are there dogs in your gym?


Have you been fucking cats? Dogs HATE cat fuckers.