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Started in May 2008

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New Year - New Thread

Sh Rehab, LYT
Bench (TM 190#) Barx10, 95x5, 105x5, 115x3
Working sets: 125x5, 145x5, 165x5
Assistance BBB 115x10 3 sets

Had to talk myself into starting up as promised. Did 3 hours of Kilz sniffing as a pre-workout pick-me-up after a morning of edge painting and ladder climbing.

Felt the time off, as all of the sets felt heavy. But I made the reps (and no more) as planned. Kept the assistance to 3 sets for this start-up week. Shoulders have been a bit wonky from all the overhead painting the last week.

Happy New Year!

SD- I love KILZ!!! Welcome back to the fight!

Dammit, OG, you beat me. I wanted to be 1st!

Nice to have you back, soldog. Get back in the saddle and work it up to a gallop…

great way to tear it up in 2010.

Good start.

Happy New Year, and good to see ya back at it.

Looks you’re Primed and ready to go. New year, new beginnings, new goals.

Looking forward to big things for you, George. Happy New Years.

George, great to see you back at it!

WTG, Dog.


Happy New Year, brother!

Thanks for the love everybody - my chesticles are sore today and that made painting very interesting…

Awesome! I was just about to send out the e-recon team to bring you back into the fold. Here’s to a great year a head of us, Cheers,


BW stuff warm-up, Shldr Rehab, Bar squatx10, OH bar Squat x10
Training Max = 335#
Conventional Deads 135x5, 185x5, 205x3
Working sets 220x5, 255x5, 285x5

Still not into it mentally so I stuck to just the basics. Trying out conventional deads again using my training max from my sumo max.

I think I need to work on keeping my lower back neutral…

Nice work on the deads, George. Nice to see you back with it.

[quote]soldog wrote:
I think I need to work on keeping my lower back neutral…[/quote]

We all do, George. We all do. If I had extra back arch to send you, I would. Alas.

good work, think hips down and try and squat the weight up as much as you pull it, and you’ll be good conventional

Thanks math, kimba

Pete - thanks and good suggestions

I’m starting back up with Wado class tonight after a 2.5 month layoff due to all the shit happening. Hopefully, since I’m mostly sleeping better these days, I’ll be able to perform and keep going twice a week.

Nice work- the arch will get better, its not bad now.
Love the all black.

Yup, good looking DLs, dog! Keep it up!