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I’ve just started training after the doggcrapp system. My first system was HIT with a 3-split, then HIT with a 4-split going to positive failure, then a short period with Wendler when I switched to a strength focus last fall. Wendler was too boring tho, so I switched again to a self-made system of two squat days, two bench press days and a single dead lift day a week, one day being max effort and the other being technique, never going to failure. This worked very well for a year and my lifts all went up nicely (a little more than 45 pounds each on a 5x5, while my 1rms sky rocketed). My size hasn’t changed much though (which was expected), but I do have to buy most shirts a size bigger than before and pants as well. I’m at roughly 200 pounds, 5,11" and have a total of 1188.

Now I think it’s time to start gaining some size again! I’ve had two work outs and I must say it’s really though. I go to technical failure and I’ve added a squat instead of leg press (having only two leg exercises) and do barbell bench presses instead of dumb bell, both to stay closer to powerlifting.

Therefore I’m curious about any of yours experiences with doggcrapp and any advice you can offer now you know my history of training and level.

It works.
Follow the course.
Beat the Logbook.
Low-intensity cardio does wonder for recovery.

The only I do is take more warm up sets than is usual . But I am old .

Yeah as above add a few extra warm up sets/ ramp up thoroughly. Works best as like an 8-12 week program once or twice a year. Great for overall mass but arms often end up slightly lagging

Thanks for the advice. I started over with A1B1A2 this week because I just started in a new job and had a lot of work related courses out of town during last week. I’ve bested my first first-week though, this time actually making it through my widow maker. First attempt ended in 15/5, taking a brief pause between 15 and the last 5. It is absolutely brutal though it looks like a traditional split program on paper. I also got my bench up by one rep, hitting the 15-goal. The nausea had me out of the game for a quarter of an hour before I could continue!