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Doggcrapp Training


About 3 months ago I came across an article written by some guy named Doggcrapp. I read it, it made a lot of sense to me, so I decided to research further. After about a month of research, and a lot of lurking on forums, I decided I was going to give this new training system a go. I felt the best way to start this program was to go to Dante (aka: Doggcrapp) directly and see if I could get trained by him personally.

So for about 2 months now Ive been training with Dante, and have been making incredible gains. Im not only putting on mass (10 solid lbs so far), but my strength has been going through the roof (At least for me... I can post numbers later, but dont have my logbook with me right now.).
So for those of you who have heard of DC training, what do you guys think of it? How many people here have tried it?

Also I think everyone here at T-Nation would really enjoy an interview with Dante, or some sort of article on DC Training.... Just an idea.



Sounds like an Ad to me. or a bunch of Dog Crap. LOL

Glad your making some great progress non the less.


Paste the article?


Dante has actually asked everybody to stop posting it on forums, but Im sure you can still find it if you type Doggcrapp into a search engine.


i remember hearing about him, nothing extremely special about his training, but as most smart routines it does get results...as far as i can tell it's mostly ment for bodybuilding, and the guy himself is pretty big...

...i do know he doesn't like his work posted anywhere else 'cause that's one of the ways he makes his money....


I tried it for about 4 monthes. Looking back on it, it's definitely a solid program but I was just too inexperienced to reap good benefits from it at the time. The only thing I don't really like about it is the extreme stretches. personally, I enver got much out of them -except pain. His calf training theory is great though.

I actually keep a journal over at IM. Do you have an account there?


Dogg Crapp training works. Period. It's one of the only cookie cutter routines I can think of that if you follow it to the T, including the nutritional stuff and stretching you WILL see VERY GOOD results!!

What's his calf training theory?


I love the extreme stretches.... it hurts like hell, but helps so much with recovery. There's no way I'd be able to walk after my widowmakers w/out them!

(Very short explanation.)
Basically he believes in 15 second stretches in between each rep.


5 second negative, hold the bottom position for 15 seconds (1 one thousand, 2 one thousand, all the way up not 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 :P)

Bloody hurts no end !

And yes DC training though i used to be a volume whore works bloody damn well.

Wish the OP best of luck with it, and lots of new found muscle :slight_smile:


There is an alternative calf protocol btw.

Anyway 300... You just responded to a 2 year old thread... At least it wasn't me who bumped it..


what is the alternative? I hate hate hate DC Calf training lol.


Erm dunno how old it is how do you tell :o

And who bumped it lol !