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DoggCrapp Training Plan - Please Critique

Going to be running DC training soon. Read over Cycling for Pennies in a few different formats, as well as continuation posts by Dante Trudel - and I believe everything I programmed matches the prescribed plan per DC training.
Transitioning from a bastardized PPL 5x per week (skipped most 2nd leg days, don’t judge). Not new to Rest-Pause.
Training ~12 years (first few years wasted)

Incline Bench: 255x5(probably able to hit 265x5
Deadlift: 475x5
Squat: 365x5

Training Program
Incline BB Bench, 11-15 Rest-Pause
DB Shoulder Press, 11-15 Rest-Pause
Skull Crushers, 20-30 Rest-Pause
Overhand Lat Pulldown, 11-25 Rest-Pause
Nautilus Row, 11-15 Rest-Pause
EZ Curl, 20-30 Rest-Pause
Crossover Hammer Curl, 20-30 Rest-Pause
Standing Calf Raise, 1x4-8, 1x20 Widowmaker
Back Squat, 1x4-8, 1x20 Widowmaker
Romanian Deadlift, 1x10-15 Straight Set
Incline DB Bench, 20-30 Rest-Pause
Nautilus Shoulder Press, 11-15 Rest-Pause
Dips, 15-20 Rest-Pause
Neutral Grip Lat. Pulldown, 11-15 Rest-Pause
Landmine Row, 2x5-8
Preacher Curl, 20-30 Rest-Pause
Hammer Curl, 20-30 Rest-Pause
Leg Press Calf Raise. 1x10-15 Straight Set (5s neg. 15s iso stretch)
Hamstring Curl, 11-15 Rest-Pause
Hack Squat, 1x4-8, 1x20 Widowmaker
Nautilus Incline Press, 11-15 Rest-Pause
Seated Smith Shoulder Press, 11-15 Rest-Pause
Close Grip Bench (Smith Machine), 11-15 Rest-Pause
Pull Up, 15-20 Rest-Pause
Deadlift, 2x5-8
DB Supenation Curl, 20-30 Rest-Pause
Reverse Grip Curl, 1x10-15 Straight Set
Seated Calf Raise, 1x10-15 Straight Set (5s neg. 15s iso stretch)
Front Squat, 1x4-8, 1x20 Widowmaker
Hip Thrust, 1x10-15 Straight Set

I believe I have followed all concepts of DC training, but the information is hardly straight forward to obtain. Feel free to comment/advise as you see fit. I kept out few exercises that could be heavier out, simply to keep others in that I like/feel better; also listed Hip Thrust as a Hamstring exercise (I know it isn’t, but there is no glutes category in this programming)

EDIT: Visual reference in last post of training log here Pre-Workout and Hatred: A Training Log - #116 by Andrewgen_Receptors

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Transitioning to 3x/wk then?

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Yes, I’ll be attempting some light cardio during off days, potentially some circuit work but ill have to see what I’m able to manage with a high intensity program like this.

I think the only cardio DC ever prescribed was walking in the morning before breakfast at a decent pace for 20-40 minutes. Outdoors preferable if not too flat. Incline walks acceptable? My memory isn’t crystal clear. Depends on how true you want to stay to Dante when first evaluating it

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You are mostly correct, but I also believe even the revised DC program (circa 2006) has a lot of outdated info. I’ll still be aiming for LISS on non training days with potential circuit work to improve my VO2 max (mine is kinda shit atm).

I won’t be following his ‘diet’ but I plan to follow the program accurately + some LISS (hopefully) to help with my cut.

Gonna be in a caloric surplus for this?

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Not at the start, but probably a month or two in I will be maintaining.
I’m aware this is counterintuitive, but the program may take some fine tuning to figure out my weights/desired exercises at significantly different rep schemes to my norm. I’ve been increasing weights slightly doing PPL 5x per week, so I imagine doing the same with DC training is still possible. Should this not be the case, I can reassess at that point.

Everyone said that I’d lose strength when I cut, but that has yet to happen 15lbs later at 1000cal daily deficit so :man_shrugging:t3:

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I am going back to DC too. I followed the plan laid out here to design the structure:

Title is clickbait, but info is great.

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I used this, along with the DoggCrapp logs/forum entries under “cycling for pennies” to create a template (laid out above). I think it will work just fine, but honestly its not going to work for me during my cut. I also think I’ve abused myself so much with excessive volume over the years that I simply don’t respond to low volume HIT training… This being said, I went back to PPL but with DoggCrapp methods. I call it DoggCraPPL lol

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I drew a lot of guidance from ‘Revolutionary Program Design’. Google it and DC and it should come up. It especially helped me because it had advice for older lifters which, I hate to admit, is now the category I belong to!

What I would say is don’t neglect the loaded stretching, which is a key feature of DC. I got some amazingly painful, but joint friendly, stretches from using bands, e.g. crucifix for pecs. Try and build up the time, i.e. start light and aim for 60-90s minimum.


Will look it up today. Trudel said the loaded stretches aren’t actually a key feature, but that they still are important. Nevertheless, I have been working my way into them! Thank you for the insight