Doggcrapp Training Exercise Selection

So i¨ve been looking to do a cycle of Doggcrapp training, or at least a version of it. Im emphasizing Upper Chest, Lats and Rear and Lateral Delts.
What I was thinking was:
A1 Chest Shoulders Triceps
A2 Back Biceps Legs

Legs are not really a priority right now, so what I was thinking was

Chest: Incline DB Press, Banded Incline DB Press, Cable Incline Press
Shoulders: Cable Y Raise, Cable Lateral Raise, Machine Shoulder Press
Triceps: Crossbody Extensions, Ez Bar Extensions, PJR Pullover
Lats: Chest Supported Pulldown, Low to High Cable Row, High to low Cable Row
Upper Back: Close Grip Pulldown(Free handles), Neutral Grip Upper Back Pulldown, Rack Chins
Rear Delts: Cable Rear Delt Row(On Back workout 1)
Biceps: DB Preacher Curl, Seated Dumbbel Curls, Cable Incline Curls
Forearms: Zottman Curl, DB Hammer Curl, Reverse Grip Cable Curl

As legs are not a priority right now, I was thinking of doing them on one Back workout per week, no matter if I’m doing back once or twice that week in the rotation.
So for legs: Leg Curl: 1RP, Leg Extension: 1RP, Leg Press: Widowmaker, Sissy Squat: 1RP

Does this setup look good? Any input greatly appreciated.

So… not doggcrapp

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Doesn’t seem like DC to me. The 2 way split used to be:

  1. Chest, shoulders, triceps, back width, back thickness
  2. Forearms, bis, calves, quads, hams.

They also so weren’t so keen on exercises like Cable Y raises or lateral raises, at least on the 2-way split.

Did Dante make some changes? Cause I don’t think you’re ready for DC.

Gonna agree here.


It’s best you run the program pretty much to the letter. Outside of lower body stuff that you currently can’t do though.