DOGGCRAPP Training and Intense Cardio?

For the past many years i have been doing more cardio than lifting. After an almost 4 year hiatus from lifting weights from 16-20, I started last year again, and recently started DC training 2 weeks ago. However, my cardio regime that i¨ve been doing for 3 years looks something like this:

Sprinting MON, WED, FRI: 10X10 seconds 85-90 % on the trueform runner.
Boxing MON, THUR with a sparring partner, 30 minutes a piece.
Jiu jitsu on TUE, it¨s a class that lasts for 60 min, not sure how much time is spent on actual cardio.

DC Setup is MON, WED, FRI. I don¨t use any Barbell movements, only DB, Cable and Machine movements, so its less impact on my joints. Should also add that for legs i only do Bulgarian Split Squats and Leg Curls for legs, because i find they have developed the way i want from the 3 years of sprinting. From what i understand, its the intense leg training in the DC Templete that makes them recommend low intensity over things like sprinting.

Is this too much cardio? To avoid interference with Sprinting and the ´´Leg training´´, i do the sprints on my training days. Been going ok, but worried about the other cardio.

What you are doing is very much not DC such that I imagine you can perform the cardio you want without issue


Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Thanks for the response.

What are you doing in your weight training that is not DC? You can use any exercises you like.