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DoggCrapp Routine

Yo, just made this theard to be sure I understand everything.

Training routine:

1 Incline Bench Press 11-15 rest-pause
3 Bench Press 11-15 rest-pause
5 Hammer Chest Press 11-15 rest-pause

1 Military Press 11-20 rest-pause
3 Far-Away Upright Row 11-15 rest-pause
5 Seated Dumbbell Press 11-20 rest-pause

1 Close Grip Bench Press 11-20 rest-pause
3 French Press 15-30 rest-pause
5 Weighted Dips 11-20 rest-pause

Back (Width)
1 lat Pulldown 11-15 rest-pause
3 Chins 11-15 rest-pause
5 Pull Ups 11-15 rest-pause

Back (Tightness)
1 Deadlift 6-9 + 9-12 (lżejszy ciÄ?żar)
3 Pendlay Row 6-9 + 9-12 (lżejszy ciÄ?żar)
5 T-bar Row 10-12 + 12-15 (lżejszy ciÄ?żar)

â??Bâ?? Workouts

2 Drag Curl 11-20 rest-pause
4 Dumbbell Curls 11-20 rest-pause
6 Preacher Curls 11-20 rest-pause

2 Hammer Curls 10-20
4 Wrist Curls 10-20
6 Hammer Curls 10-20

2 Toe Leg Press 10-12
4 Calf Raises 10-12
6 Toe Leg Press 10-12

2 Leg Curls 15-30 rest-pause
4 Sumo Leg Press (feet high and wide, press with heels) 15-25
6 Leg Curls 15-30 rest-pause

2 Squat 4-8 20
4 Front Squat 4-8 20
6 Leg Press 4-8 20

So one cycle is 2 weeks:

Week 1: A1, B2, A3
Week 2: A4, B5, A6

and repeat?

I should beat my weight or/and reps every training (for example A1 CG Bench 10 x 225, next time try to do 10 x 230 etc.?)

DON’T Rest Pause in Quads, Calves, Foreamrs and Back Tightness?

Routine looks good?

If you are going to cut and paste from somewhere else, please give credit. It is copyrighted…

And instead of cutting and pasting, why don’t you just do it??

I mean questions, focus on them.

You should have read the article. It’s all there.

I’m not an expert on DC training by any means, but a few things stand out:

I’m assuming when you write 4-8 20, you mean a heavy set of 4-8 followed by a widowmaker set of 20. I wouldn’t suggest Front Squats be done that way. Your upper back will fatigue on the WM set wayyyyy before your legs do, so it defeats the point IMO.

Seated DB Press, I’d up the rep range a bracket or so, 20-30 rp being more ideal, just because getting the DB’s in position is a bitch

Chins and Pull-ups are bit difficult to linearly progress on in the way DC requires, unless you’re going to weigh yourself consistently every day before doing them. Maybe replacing either on with Rack Chins would help a bit it avoiding that dilemma

Any exercise that emphasize a stretch like the French Press and Preacher Curls should probably go into a higher rep range bracket, probably 15 minimum, but 20-30 ideally.

Thanks for answer.

Dante is also adamant about excluding the flat bench press. I’ve never done DC, but this is what the man says.