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Doggamit All! Where's My Gear?

Why is it that it never rains? I am stressed to the max, have been sick for the past few days and inspite of having been eating well, I can feel myself getting thinner. You have no idea how depressing this is!

In spite of being crook, I had to make sure last night, that I can still do 10 full push-ups. I did 11, which is cool, I so don’t wanna lose my strength. I have worked my ass of to be where I am today and I have such a long way to go.

I’m late and not pregnant. Of course my Dr (whom I have always been honest with) blames the 4-wk var cycle I did. She tried to scare me with stories of popping tendons, but as a woman, I wouldn’t touch anything that would produce such rapid gains anyway. WHERE’S MY GEAR?
NUFFA that wingeing!

lol! you crack me up!

maybe you spoke too soon with ‘waif no more’!! ;p

you can expect to lose a little when you come off… Cycling steroids is very much a two steps forward and one step back - if you get it right.

So what is your next cycle then exactly? what did you finally decide on?

A mild Methyltest and Halo maybe?! j/k :slight_smile:


The friend who offered to hook me up(though well-intendeed) is not the most reliable person. I asked him to research the prices and avaiability of primo, deca, var, equi, win and clen. I don’t intend to cycle them all at once, so please no hairy visions of me. Once I know more about the local scene, I can plan a cycle better. What I am thinking might be good:
6-8 wks either:
Primo OR Deca 50mgEW.
Win 15mgED

In addition to EITHER of the above, I will run var 15mgED.
I wanna gROW, man! A ditzy little 18YO dancer in my PT course called me a “psycho” when I said I didn’t like being skinny. So a 32YO who wants to do figure is a “psycho” for having different fitness goals from an 18YO dancer, eh? Speak to your clients like that, bubs and you’ll be broke before you are even broken in -AND KISS MY LEAN, WELL ROUNDED GLUTE MAX! Go look that up in the fitness Leaders Handbook, if you need to.
Oh the youth of today!

lol! You are more aggressive than me! shit… :confused:

Ya… those sound like good cycles… a little above what you have done, but still first timer cycles - and i think as a woman it is EVEN MORE important to go in slow and steady, as you have much worse potential sides.

I hate 18yr olds. 90% of them are cocky, ignorant, clueless little upstarts who think they have a clue about life.
Some of them are decent human beings however…

Good luck waif, keep me posted - i am very interested in your path and success with steroids.


[quote] Brook wrote:

I hate 18yr olds. 90% of them are cocky, ignorant, clueless little upstarts who think they have a clue about life.
Some of them are decent human beings however…


ooouch, good thing im 19 then?

to be honest your doctor is right about the upset in your “cycle” timing, most females just accept this as part of the price they pay for using steroids, it is a much more serious endeavor for a female athlete and the price paid is much higher…don’t kid yourself.

Before you go all ballistic trust me i have been using and coaching the use of these substances for 20 years. For men it is really not a big deal for the most part, for women they will typically suffer permanent changes.

I miss that time of the month like a hole in the head, don’t get me wrong. I just thought it might take a little more to “throw things out” than 4 wks of var at 5-15mg/day. What bothers me -and my partner- more is how depressed I’ve been, since coming off cycle. I’ve just told him the truth, BTW, about what I’ve been using. He is at a complete loss as to what to do and is insisting I see a shrink. “You do the crime, you do the time”, as they say; I will do whatever it takes to try and restore his faith in me. I actually could use someone to talk to, this depression is no laughing matter.

Well if there is a good side to it, i know it doesn’t feel like it. But the depression is hormonally induced and will lift as your body adjusts. As opposed to lifelong depression which i am intimately familiar with. I would suggest at this point vigorous cardio sessions a couple of times a day perhaps with light weights like very high rep squats.

It raises endorphins and will help to alleviate the depression, it becomes a battle of wills for a period of time, but your symptoms should lift fairly soon. Of course you should be eating healthy foods and i would also recommend about 8-10 grams of high quality fish oil per day. Flameout really is the best choice in my opinion.