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DogCrapp, Extreme Stretching Fixes Knee Pain

I thought I would post this in case it might help someone else.

I have suffered from some pain in my left knee for almost a year. I first experienced it in a very bad way when I was hit playing soccer. Most of the pain was in the area just beneath and to the right of the knee cap. Though at times the whole knee hurt.

I have tried everything from switching up exercises, single leg work, stretching and foam rolling - even doing nothing but normal activity for two weeks. The pain never went away and was pretty much always constant. After a heavy squat day it would be worse and swollen. It got to the point to where I started to notice a large imbalance in strength between my legs.

I read about Dog Crap training and the extreme stretching caught my interest as a method for strength and hypertrophy. All along I thought if the muscles there were stronger the pain would go away. In any case I tried the extreme stretching recommendation for my legs.

Right afterward the pain was gone. returned slightly a few days later. I have been doing extreme stretching for almost three weeks now and the pain is almost imperceptible and the strength in my left leg is quickly returning to the levels of my right leg.

So - there is my two cents and my endrosement of extreme stretching for fixing knee problems. I don’t understand how it fixed it or what was fixed but - it is fixed.

What stretches did you do for your legs?

[quote]tom8658 wrote:
What stretches did you do for your legs?[/quote]

I don’t train my legs specifically…I usually do full body workouts. So several times a week I would do 100 air squats to get my legs pumped full of blood…for me this gets them pretty tight.

I then, as the Dog Crap guy suggested, go to a squat rack. Grab the bar, stay on my toes, walk under the bar into a sissy squat and lean back into a painful and agonizing 90 second stretch. And this is all.

The bar has to be adjusted at the right height and it takes some time to figure this out initially.

I suppose you could try it without a squat rack by just using your hands to support yourself from falling out of the stretch backwards…but I think it would be more difficult.

sounds good, i’ll try this next leg day