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Dog The Bounty Hunter Suspended



Looks like we won't be seeing the "mullet family" for a while after this little incident involving the N-word. Too bad, I really enjoyed his hot, fat-assed wife and his corn-fed brother and son.


Did we ever expect anything from a man who's been to jail, is a bounty hunter, and is called dog?


I can't seem to find out how people got access to this message. Did his son hand it over to some reporter?


The Son made and sold the tape. It was in the news this morning. Nothing like your son killing your TV career right?


What he said was stupid no doubt, but what is the son's problem seriously. Dog I'm sure is financially successful and supports his kids(hopefully) so unless this son was getting the shaft somehow I don't see the motivation in selling it to the media.


Even MORE money. Never underestimate the power of greed.


This is what I've read. His son is dating a black girl. Dog threatened to fire him from the family business if he didn't break it off. I can only assume his son taped a converstion he had with his dad about the subject.



This pretty much tells the story: http://www.nationalenquirer.com/2007/popup/full-wmv.html

Sounds like Dog was under the impression that his kid's GF was trying to record them saying something damaging to use against them and at one point was thinking about beating up his wife.

Who knows what the fuck was going on. All I know is that if that were my son and I thought his GF was trying to do things that would damage my family I would probably be telling him the same thing, although hopefully I would use a little different language.

His kid deserves to be summarily executed if he is the one who sold the recording or facilitated it.


He definitely got pwned by his own son.


Any one here a lawyer? I wonder what kind of legal recourse Dog has against his son. Isn't it illegal to tape a phone conversation without both parties being aware?


I don't think he meant it in a bad way he didn't mean those fucking scumfuckers without a soul, he didn't mean that shit. He just meant black people, you know n-words.

No offense, my sense of humor on this is brash and completely sarcastic but seriously, like someone said; should we expect anything different from that trash? Guy spews nothing but garbage and cries about bullshit.

And that reporter looks like the type that would look to Dog as moral compass.

Btw, anyone catch what was said at 48s? I heard "If we'd spawn the black homey had an uh".


I agree with him that if someone was to present a problem or a threat they should be kept away from his family.

They dude created what he feared the most though by participating in exactly what he wanted to avoid. If he realy didn't want that to happen and the stakes were so damned high, he should have not used the "n" word.

I guess his family prayers that they make such a point of having do not include "those soulless...".

The morning news discussion also had a part that reminded me strikingly of the South Park episode "The Ni**er Guy". He has to appologise to the black commmunity by contacting one of their leaders and discussing it, confronting these beliefs, and kissing Jesse Jacksons ass. I'm sure some monetary attonement would help too.


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Free speach is not impinged in any way. It's not like he's being prosecuted or anything. The powers-that-be just decided they didn't want to broadcast someone like that.


Thats a product of social norms and values. When a person does something that is outside of them, there are consequences. A lot of people don't like what he said, so they refuse to watch his show. If they see A&E as supportive of his views, they boycott A&E.
If A&E doesn't want to appear supportive of his views, they have to do something like pull his show. Otherwise they suffer from public backlash. It's a matter of personal choice acting with a collective force.

I didn't make the rules, but I do enforce them. I don't watch stuff that I find offensive or patronize companies that I don't agree with whenever possible.
It abides by the ethical paradigm that Good Business begets Good Business, and offending people in such a way is not considered good business.

He still has his practice of bounty hunting, just not a show on A&E. Whether or not his own personal practice suffers is up to his consumers.


I agree. But the shit of it is that you can't trust your own son in a private conversation. Regardless the patriot act has taken away our freedom of "private" phone conversations.

Free speech; it's gone, the medium once used to express freedom of speech is now the medium used to condemn the people that still believe in freedom of speech.

I'm sure we have all heard of the media being the fourth branch.


I believe the law is that at least one party has to be aware the conversation is being tapped without a warrant (unless it's suspected terrorism).


I would imagine his son decided to stay with the girl and got a last stab in at his dad while making a few bucks. It will be funny when his girlfriend dumps him now that he is no longer a rich star, his dad won't forgive him and he loses out on his inheritance too. What a retard.


Does anyone else not think the son is that big of a deucebag? His father called his girlfriend an nigger and threatened to throw him out of the family business if he married her. Sounds like Dog is the douchebag through and through. Granted, I probably would've handled it differently than going to the press if it was my father. But I don't see it as such a betrayal. Dog had it coming.


I agree.And maybe seeing a black person brings back memories of being someones bitch in prison.Remember Dog was a biker gang member and when your in prison and white and need protection you join the Ayrian Brotherhood or else.And if you dont think those prison gangs can reach you outside, think again.