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Dog Pound Topic Crossovers

I had a thought while responding to a remark in the off-topic area. I think the Dog Pound is a great idea, in fact I think all the new areas are great, but since only a select few can post in the Pound and obviously there are many others out there that can contribute to the topics in the Pound, maybe certain topics can be revisited in other forums. If you have something that just has to be said about a topic in the Pound ? start a new thread in the appropriate other forum. The Dog Pound members frequent other boards and will no doubt see the idea/concept discussed elsewhere and chime in. If your comment is covered back in the Pound the duplicate thread will die, just as many other threads die, but maybe it will spark on even further discussion of these topics. Obviously, there is no need for duplicate threads for each one in the Pound, but I am willing to bet certain threads will have the potential for carry-over and further discussion. In faith - Matt

Okay, what about Patricia’s post on Mag-10. Who is the “somebody else” who suggested she post and why can’t they post on their own?

In reply to the thread concerning recovery, as far as the physical is concerned, I have tried numerous modalities, all of which seem to work to a certain degree. However, if I had to use just one it would be sled dragging. It honestly works miracles for recovering from nagging injuries, refreshing/recovering from training, and it is the only GPP exercise I have found that has added noticeable strength to all of my lifts. Do not forget the other things that everyone else mentioned (heat/cold, massage, etc.), but sled dragging is what does it for me.

The someone else was Mufasa. We were brainstorming some good topics so that we could get this thing off to a good start. Mufasa came up with that question and we agreed it would be a good one to start with, but Mufasa was going to be away from his computer when the Dog Pound was going live.

No conspiracy - just some friends chatting and trying to come up with some good topics to discuss.

I do not think that you guys had found T-Mag yet, but there was a T-Mag seminar two years ago in Orlando. It was called “No Holds Barred,” and it was excellent. Speakers that I remember were Bill Roberts (not given enough time to speak), Ian King (stole the show), Brian Batcheldor (this is why I speak so highly of him-the man is a genius), Tom Incledon (who gave some of the first insight into how dishonest label claims were on bars), John Berardi (probably had the best presentation). This is also where I first met T-Forum vets Nate Dogg and Jason Braswell, as well as many others. One guy even flew in from South Africa to attend!!! Anyhow, I too have often wondered why there was never a “No Holds Barred II,” although I know that some of the guys that organized the seminar no longer work for Biotest. Anyhow, I strongly encourage you guys and the other dog pound members to push this idea to the higher-ups. In my opinion, it was one of the best exchanges of information that T-Mag has ever done.

Just one thing to add, Jared. This isn’t an “Us vs. Them” kinda thing. The tone of your post suggests a bit of hostility that’s uncalled for.

Who said anything about a conspiracy? :slight_smile:

I totally agree with you Achilles that the idea of a No Holds Barred II would be fantastic. I know that there is hope for at least smaller seminars to be organized regionally thru the T-Cells.

But I agree that a yearly or biannual T-Mag seminar would be well received and give us all a chance to meet each other and hear some great stuff.

From your perspective you are quite correct.

Jared, I apologize. I should have clarified as to whom that “somebody” was. I can understand your post. :slight_smile:

I've got some ideas of discussion topics for the Dog Pound. I'm also curious as to what other fellow forumites feel would be good discussions! Hey, all: this is exciting times!

No Holds Barred II would be great as long as it were held on the west coast. That way I could attend!

Do you guys not see how logistically silly this is? Impossible is more like it. Flipping back and forth, finding threads relating to posts on this this side from the other. I for one will not be reading the Dog Pound. Whats the point if you can’t contribute? This is a DISCUSSION group after all. The folks that came up with this idea, in an attempt to make the website better, have instead made it enormously more difficult.

Yes, the No Holds Barred T-mag/Biotest Seminar in Orlando was awesome. I learned so much in that two-day span, and it was great meeting fellow T-mag members and members of T-mag staff (I also had a great breakfast with John Berardi, Tom Incledon and one of John’s friends.) Ian King was definitely a highlight of the seminar, and the other speakers were fantastic. I had an awesome time (except for that incident of hitting on a 17-year-old at the fitness center). LOL!

I remember T-mag hoping to run more of these in various parts of the country, but it never happened, even though interest is high. I would definitely attend another one in this area. And I’m sure many others would attend in various locations (LA, Las Vegas, NY, etc.). If Coach Davies was one of the guest speakers, I’d be all over it!