Dog Person in a Cat's World

So, after a lifetime of owning dogs, big dogs, we finally decided to adopt a cat for the kiddos. We’ve been trying to sell our house in this crappy market for a couple years now, and I don’t have the room for a dog (the kind of dog I’d want anyway), so, a cat.

Now, I’m not really a cat person, but I do like this one. She’s 2 years old, real nice disposition, and most importlantly knew to go to her litter box on the first day home.

I want to feed her the best possible diet I can just like I do with my dogs and that means a lot of home cooked food.

She had Science Diet nuggets at the shelter, so we’re going to keep going with that for awhile but phase it out. My dogs always got a lot of fish, eggs, and fresh cooked or raw meats and cheese.

I’ve heard mixed things about cats and lactose, so I’m treading lightly there until I learn otherwise.

I cooked her a lightly scrambled egg and popped some fishoil from one of my caps in there. She loved it.

Please share your best cat home cookin’ meals. I didn’t want to derail JFit’s dog food threads (which have been very good).

Our cat’s diet is comprised of 75% cat treats and 25% cat kibble. He drinks out of toilets, sewers and a little hole by our pool that is supposed to be for a pool cover but is usually filled with disgusting stagnant water. He is 16 years old and still healthy as can be.

That’s awesome.

cats are evil. Little women with fur coats.

[quote]FightinIrish26 wrote:
cats are evil. Little women with fur coats.[/quote]


I’m sorry to hear of this news. However, if it’s for the kids you get a pass.

This seems appropriate.

My cats are total dumpster divers. You can’t throw any bones and stuff in the garbage or they’ll go after it. I have bones clean eaten under my bed at all times. I can’t even leave cheese (wrapped up!) on the counter, or they’ll get that. They love broccolli and green beans, so they’ll go after that if left uncovered…

But otherwise I just feed them friskies. They seem happy with that.

You will learn quickly if the cat can handle dairy. Give it some milk, if no diarrhea, then probably good.

From what I have read, cats are generally specialists in the wild. In other words, while they will eat a pretty large range of foods, given the choice, they generally stick with just a few.

My cats (old) both have intestinal problems, having a grain free diet has helped considerably.

My outside cat is a super-predator and her diet consists of anything she can get her teeth on- rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, mice, moles, birds and she has even eyed up and stalked a couple of turkey. She moves like a graceful bolt of lightning. There isn’t anything in the house that she can’t jump on to, from-to or down from.

The others get meow mix and canned food. They are a lot more lethargic.