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Dog Nutrition


Does anyone feed their dog real food on this site?

My health is very important to me and so is my dogs. I've heard that the dry dog food most people feed their pets really isn't that healthy and it makes since. But I wouldn't know what to feed him. I want my dog to be as healthy as possible.


I feed my dog naturediet food. It's all real food with no preservatives or anything added. Also I feed her a raw meaty bone once a day.


My dog loves broccoli. By far his favorite food out of the things he's sampled (apples, blueberries, bananas).

I think its best to go with the best dry food you can find.

Or go with a raw diet, if you believe in that and know how to do it properly.


There are some decent dry foods, Google and look around. As with human food, read the labels and make sure the most important ingredients are listed first and that real meat makes the list, not soy.


My old dog was very healthy and lived to 15. We fed her mostly Purina Beneful (belly-full), meat/vegetable/cheese people scraps and occasionally fish oil capsules. oh...and she loved eggs, which is what she always got when we ran out of dog food.

We have a new puppy and she seems to have a mild eye tearing problem. Someone suggested that it could be allergies to her food. We sent her away to one of those 10-day training camps and the trainer insisted on Life's Abundance because it was the only brand she found where the client's dogs would NEVER get diareha during their stay. It doesn't have corn products which most dog foods have. Anyway, the pup came home with no tearing so I'm going to give it a try. www.lifesabundance.com.


Yup, just like most people food, most dog food is junk. Look for limited ingredients and definitely be prepared to pay a bit of a premium. I think I pay just shy of $60 for a big bag of Joey's food and that last me a couple of weeks. But there's definitely a HUGE health benefit to using good food.

I know people who go the raw food route and it's definitely good but I'm not convinced it's perfect.

And Bonez - Brocolli? Do they get gas from that? I can't imagine Joey getting near veggies. If it's not meat then he doesn't want much to do with it.



Dr. Karen Becker check her youtube suff out


My dogs will eat carrots, bananas, steamed broccoli, sweet potatoes and tomatoes like they are going out of style.


If you have to do kibble go with Orijen, pricey, but you can feed less.

Real name meat sources, no preservatives like BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin.

Raw really is best, but can be pricey or laborsome for some. There are commerically prepared raw on the market that depending upon the size of the dog isn't too pricey.

I just lost a dog to cancer, and have read a lot on the subject.

I'd also recommend 1g of fish oil per 10lbs of dog (liquid fish oil is easy to add)
also get Curcumin at 1-2g/day

1:3 dogs die of cancer, and those 2 supplements are critical for that in prevention and treatment along with other health issues.

I'd also suggest checking out pro-biotics and especially digestive enzymes if you're going to feed kibble.

Good luck, I'm doing a nutritional seminar soon on dog food/vaccines and the like. Hit me up in a month and I'll send you the video for free if you're interested, or you can pick up some books on the subject.

EDIT- if you have a breed prone to heart issues, depending upon age I would also look into 100-300mg/day of Ubiquinol (better form of CoQ10)


Wny do you think that? what do you think they would eat in the wild?


Rocks, paper, trash, roadkill, etc.

Whatever they could find....


Assuming a natural diet in line with their biology, not human pollution.


I was joking.


That's the way I was thinking too. In the wild, a dog wouldn't hunt a bag of purina playful life dog food. He would hunt live animals and have a natural diet. I wonder if the high cancer rates are due largely the dog "food" our pets eat today.

I give him one fish oil soft gel daily. He weighs what he is supposed to and I've never given him any "people food" in my life. But if it could help him to change, I'll do it.

Money isn't that big of a concern, I spent about a grand when I first got him because of parvo and I didn't mind, I knew he would be worth it and he is. If a 60 dollar bag of dog food will add to his life and quality of life, I'll pay it. I just want him to do as healthy for as long as possible. He's three now, so I want to get it all figured out now.


Serious biz.


Without a doubt. Cancer thrives off sugar, and high insulin levels are just as problematic.

I for one feel the same thing that is happening with dogs nutrition and diseases is the same underlying cause in humans too. think about it. Some vets that know their stuff say "grains cause a host of health problems for dogs", the same can be said for humans too.



I have been very satisfied with Blue Buffalo Wilderness, for ages Eagle Pack was my mainstay but it was sold and am very suspect of the product since it was bought out by Wellpet who also produces Wellness which many of my dogs did awful on.


If that's the case, what does he weigh? I spend about $70/month on Orijen kibble for a 160 lb dog.

Check out the frozen stuff Dr. Becker was talking aobut in the video.

Nature's Variety Instinct raw at www.naturesvariety.com
Primal Pet Foods at www.primalpetfoods.com
Bravo www.bravorawdiet.com


He weighs 58 pounds as of about a month ago.

I have no what breed he is. I got him from the pound when he was about five weeks old. They didn't know what he was.

Some type of Shepard mix I guess.


there was a recall a few months back on BB. while their ingredients are better than many on the market, they're still not ideal. Personally, I'd shop for a better brand.