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So there have been a lot of dog talks around the forum, what dogs do you have, mostly pets but working dogs ok too? Around the house I keep a lab named Gus, a mini schnauzer named Madee and a giant schnauzer named Hans.


Now I understand why...


My Dachshund, Pilot. He's a mole killing machine. ...I've never met a dog with a bigger personality. He's quite entertaining.


I had a Doberman but I had to give her away since I travel a lot. She was sweet, pretty loyal but fierce when protecting me.

I miss her. Maybe when I settle down, I'll get another one.


Aww, what a beauty :slight_smile:


Another of my long furry wiener...


Rocko-Half German Shep. mix with a bunch of other crap. Lazy fatty.


Mans best friend, for sure.

I also grew up with a Leonberger, which is a Great Peraniese (sp?), Newfie, St Bernard mix. I wish I could find some pictures of her. She was an amazing dog too. She ended up having to have a leg amputated due to bone cancer. Though, even after that she was such a nimble, go happy dog. Anyone else have a Leonberger? I believe they're fairly rare in the states.


All working dogs here. No "pets". Here are a few:

This is a patterdale terrier "Lee" with my son down by the DE River. He is a stone cold killer on small game and he's not afraid of bigger dogs (he has no judgment or self-regard whatsoever, just the way I like em :slight_smile: LOL:

The next is a brood bitch of our finest apbt blood. She's family bred as far back as 50 years. Her name is "black girl". She is a fine animal. Blurry pic, she will NOT be still.

Some of you have already seen this beast...Picasso de la Cocha "Hugo", a dogo argentino.

That's just 3 of our dogs. I keep patterdales, apbts and have 2 dogos.


after a weekend trying to keep up with my Mom's lab, lol.

He destroys those kong monkeys in about 3 hours.


Puppy Wuppy.


She's getting a little grey, but still acts like a kid.


As a pup


ooops...Lee and mini-me at DE River.

Not sure how to post more than one photo :frowning:


Waking me up this morning, he is coming on two years.


"Black girl". Original name eh? Talk to me when you've owned more than 50 dogs...it gets tough to keep coming up with names. She's probably the 3rd "black girl" I've had.


Here's HUGO a day after the hurricane hit. I thought I'd give him a break from the crate and he found a small patch of dry land to rest. Yes, that's my strongman tyre to the left. This picture was taken by the local paper surveying the flood damage.


My English Staff at 10 months. Such a fun guy


I lost my 9 year old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog last night... Her name was Emily and she had to be put down. I've been blubbering like a baby all day long. I can pull it together until I think about it again. I miss her like crazy.

Edit: Sorry to seriously bring town the tone of the thread. Couldn't help it. You all have wonderful dogs.


So sorry man. I lost my 15 year old Golden Retriever/Border Collie in June. Everything snowballed on her at once, sickness-wise, and we had to put her to sleep too. Easily in the top 5 worst days of my life. We are still a mess at times.

Swiss Mountain dogs are awesome. One of my favorite breeds.