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Dog Hurt its Tail


After reading all the responses in the "My dog attacked me" thread i figure I ask here for help with my dog.

I have a Yellow Lab about 4 and half years old and today i noticed that throughout the whole day his tail has been tucked between his legs, normally he'll do that if hes in trouble or what not but even walking around the house hes been having his tail tucked in between.

I tried messing with his tail and got a Yelp out of him. So i tried gently while he was laying down wiggly different parts of his tail and the thickest part of the tail it hurts him when it wiggles. Like i tried bending it and hell bring his head towards my hand and start licking it or try to get away.

His tail was fine when i got back home at like 3:00Am it was wiggling just fine.

Any Ideas on what to do? Im thinking taking him to the vet but im thinking on waiting a day or two and see what happens. Is that a good idea?

Also hes not listening to as many commands hes just kinda doing his own thing.


If the tail is fine by now and he's able to wag it, you shouldn't be worried. It happened to my ex's Pom. We didn't know what happened, but he had his tail between his legs for a few days, you touch it, he would yelp. After a day or two he was back to normal, weird. Seems like your dogs tail healed up faster than the pom. Maybe both of the dogs were scooting to furiously : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfwaSJRdNR8


My dog has had this happen before - the vet told us excessive wagging can sprain the tail or something like that. Heals on its own and isn't that big a deal.


Never heard of spraining a tail before


Really? I sprain my tail all the time.


Dislocated. If it's fixed then you're fine.


If you can afford it, see a vet. If you can't afford it, give it a couple of days and see how he goes (it's probably not something that will require immediate attention).

Physical pain can cause a dog to ignore you, or even become aggressive.


It sounds like trouble with some part of his spine. Of course, the tail is the extension of the entire body, and if he hurt his back sometime jumping down, jumping up, sliding around a corner, etc., it would do the trick.

I'd take him to a vet to get some educated hands feeling your dog and pinpointing where the problem area is and if further diagnostics are warranted. Worst case, you go home with some NSAIDs and he has to be kept quiet (which I hope you do anyway) for a while.

Some helpful questions to answer: Is he hunching his spine/tiptoeing when he walks? Is he less active than usual? Is he eating? Has he pooped/lifted his leg in your presence, and did it seem to be painful or more tentative than usual?


Sounds like his high-rep wag program has caused some serious DOMS.