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Dog Had Knee Surgery

My dog has just underwent surgery on a torn meniscus.

It’s heartbreaking to watch the little mite sitting there, tramadoled up to the eyeballs and wearing the ‘cone of shame’

Vet says he’s to be placed inside a crate to ensure recovery. I can tell he’s finding this particular aspect of the recovery to be the most difficult.

Any T-Men had the same with their dogs?

How did you help your dog get through the recovery process?

That really sucks!

When our Ginger had to wear the lampshade a few years ago (after being attacked by a groundhog), she went into a depression.

My buddy’s dog just had ACL surgery a month ago. He pretty much has to sit on his ass until he is recovered enough to hobble around. We just hung out with him when we could so that he could keep his sanity (or insanity, whatever. That dog is nuts).