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Dog Getting Tooth Pulled


Anyone ever have their dog's tooth pulled? Any side effects? Collapsed jaws?

My dog has a broken tooth that the vet is recommending it get pulled. I'm curious to see if anyone has any experience with this.


My boxer knocked her own tooth out playing ball a few weeks ago. Didn't faze her one bit. Kept on playing, bloody face and all.


I friend of mine is a dentist. Her dog broke a tooth, and she put the dog under and put a crown on it.

Perhaps you can find a dentist willing to fix it rather than pull it.


What tooth is it?

Never heard of any negative effects, and that's in working with a veterinary clinic with a high rate of dental procedures. Care for it as you have been instructed and give the prescribed medications. Keep an eye on the site and call your vet if you are worried.


Lower canine tooth. He was a rescue and the tooth was broken when I got him. The vet is worried about infections and suggests I pull the tooth. For some reason, I seem to remember dogs having possible complications from pulled teeth. However, I can't where I heard that or why so maybe it's some crap I heard when I was a kid.


Did you ask your vet about what you'd heard? I do admit, many vets can be reluctant to educate their clients.