Dog food

I know this was done once in a prior thread but since then I have acquired a dog and I am trying to give him as healthy a diet as possible. My dog is kinda the bodybuilder of the canine world (boxer), and I’d hate to see his progress limited by my bad choices. At least in my region (Southern US) Science Diet is the brand with the overall best rep and that is what I fed my dog from 8 weeks to about 15 months. Then I read the ingredients, “Corn meal, Chicken by-product meal, Soybean meal, Animal fat,…”. These are the big 4 making up my high end dog food? Right. My dog is obviously a carnivore, evolved to eat meat, not fucking corn meal and chicken beaks. However they do claim a bunch of vitamins and minerals added in, and I don’t want any deficits. What I have done is go to about 1\2 meat (stew beef, chicken livers, beef liver, etc.) boiled briefly, mixed with 1\2 dry science diet, all he will eat twice a day. He looked good and grew well on SD, but there is no fucking way I can believe this is the optimum diet for my dog. I just want the best for my boy, any suggestions?

I`d trust the BIG companies, Science Diet, Purina (ProPlan) etc.

FYI. There`s more research done on animal food than there is one humans.

Since animals cannot pick and choose their meals, everything must be taken into account when you set out, as a manufacturer, to be sure doggy thrives on his only (theoretically, how many people give extras to doggy*?) food source. Specially if you don`t want to get sued.

  • Next time anyone is tempted to give extras to their animals, please remind yourself this: The brain cannot miss what it has no souvenir of. So, if you think doggy cant live without a spamburger, think again. Youre projecting human wants on a dog who has none…well, at start. How you corrupt him after that will be your problem.

And, not to gross anyone out, but Ive read that humans, back then, eat the organ meats (liver, guts, brains, etc.) and gave what we call meat` (muscle) to their dogs. A complete 180 degrees from our current settings. Thank your lobbies (or not).

i feed my dogs nutro-max. just because it is a big name, does not mean it is good. would never, ever feed my dog eukanuba or science diet. would sooner give them my meal first.

For commercial brands I think Nutro’s is tops. I feed my guys home made food made of raw ground beef or chicken, shredded yam and green beans, fish oil, oatmeal, crushed flax seeds, mixed grains, a calcium, potassium cytrate and multi-vitamin mix all in to one yummy caserol. Sometimes I switch the beef or chicken with canned salmon if I find it on sale. As for the green and orange veggie, I go with whatever is in season. My vet and all my vet friends were not initially thrilled with the idea of me feeding my dogs a home made diet with raw meat, but after 3 years they have all commented that they just don’t see dogs in the condition mine are in. They are incredibly muscular with beautiful coats and skin. It’s very expensive however.

I give my dog Innova dog food, rated one of the best by both “Whole Dog Journal” and “Your Dog.” He also gets snacks of canned salmon, baked chicken breasts, carrots, green beans and oranges.

I wouldn’t mind being reincarnated as a dog belonging to someone like Magnus.

My dogs are old (9.5 and 11), so they get the best-priced Senior dog food depending on ingredients. I’ve always been careful to avoid dog foods with beets among the ingredients because the sugar content is too high. They haven’t gotten fat with age.