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Dog Food online Purchase

Did a quick search, didnt find anything here.

Does anyone have a website they use for good prices on dry dog food? I know how to use the interwebz but someone always has a site that the first 5 pages of google hits miss.

I am happy with the food my dog eats, so Im not really looking for any advice on that front but if you must, fire away with recommendations.

Pic: 50lbs of badass

I’ll ask my dog…3lbs of Tiffany cufflink shitting sweetatudity.

Seems like shipping would kill you.


Im not sure about their international shipping but I generally cant be their prices. When it comes to dog food, I like quality for my hunting dogs. Taste of the Wild is what I always get. Ill even mix meats like venison, catfish, or beef in when they have had a good hunt. The difference is quite noticeable when it comes to their health and appearance.

Disregard international shipping costs lol

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
Disregard international shipping costs lol [/quote]


I am apparently the only one who makes phone calls in “that” area.

No local pet “boutiques”?

Around here we have one and price is cheaper online b/c of shipping.

Another organic type of grocery store sells what we buy.

Was feeding Artemis, but have switched to Orijen.

$63 for 29 lbs.