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Dog Attacked


So I'll try to make this short, just need some advice.

We, my parents and I, have two dogs. A 11 year old Golden and a 1.5 Choc Lab. I was taking them for a walk earlier today on our normal route. There is this house that always has dogs out in the yard barking. It's a big ass fence so there is no way they should be able to get out though.

As I was approaching the house I noticed the lady had the gate opened and was moving something in. I believe there was like 3 dogs there. One of them ran towards me and the dogs and I really didn't think much of it because I've encountered dogs before and they usually just sniff and move on. So the dogs start sniffing, I kind of pull my dogs back. Now the Lab she is still young and a very playful dog. She starts to get playful with this other dog and then it just straight up attacks her. I'm not sure what kind of dog, looked like a mutt.

So anyways, this dog bites my dog below the ear near the neck and latches on. My dog is screaming/yelping for help. So my first reaction is I start punching and kicking the other dog in the head area while i'm screaming at this lady to come get her fucking dog. My dog is a family member and I will protect her at all costs. For some stupid reason the lady runs after her other dog that ran out. After about 15 seconds I finally got the dog to let go, probably from repeated blows. I was holding onto the other dogs leash yelling at the owners to come get their fucking dog. I'm pretty sure those were my exact words. They finally got him and of course my dog was scared to death. She was jumping on me and whining.

I analyzed her and didn't notice any wounds. Wasn't too deep of a bite. Owners kept saying they were so sorry, but I was pissed and finally calmed down. So I took them home. I hosed off the area where the dog got her and I did notice a little bite mark. So I called the vet and they told me to take her in tomorrow to get it checked out. They said if possible to find out if the other dog was fully vaccinated and up to date. I know where the house is so i'm thinking when my dad gets home we will probably go over there.

Anyways, i'm still pissed off about this and upset. Just curious what we should say to these other people. Should they offer to pay our vet bill? Do you report shit like this? I mean what if that dog gets out again. It could do a lot more damage if the dog was small. I've seen dogs get in little fights before but never seen one latch onto the other one near the neck. That just seems overly aggressive and dangerous.


Thankfully it was only minor damage. I helped my neighbor fend off a pitbull that got a hold of his basset hound one day. The hound needed 20 stitches. It was the same pitbull that also attacked my sister's dog. And the pitbull is still there even after being visited twice by the animal control officer. The owner has gotten a lot better at leashing it and keeping it further inside the house. Had it snapped at me or the neighbor I think it would have been put down.

Yes they should pay the bill but I don't know how you would get them to offer that up. I'd also call the animal control. A latch on like that is a bit serious.


Report it to animal control and they should make them register their dog with the city. After that, if there is another incident they'll either take the dog away or put it down. It sucks if it comes to that but aggressive dogs are not okay. You can't let this stuff keep happening. Could have happened to someone else before you.


After a similar incident, I carry a folding knife with me everytime I walk my German short-haired pointer for this very reason. In the eyes of the law, you would be justified in defending yourself and your dog from such open aggression on what amounts to public property.


We did go over and talk to them and the guy said he would pay the vet bill. Apparently my mom knows him because she works at a school and his son goes there.


I did that all the time when I use to go hiking on my own.


My family and I were walking our dog in a park and got attacked by a giant German Shepard. I had nothing with me but a non-attack dog, three kids under the age of 8 (including a baby), and my tiny wife. I got the shit kicked out of me by this fucking dog but managed to make it out okay with no injuries to my family. Folding knife... No question. Wish I woulda had one. Easy to judge this as, but no way if you are in a similar situation trying to protect your family....


Carry a can of oven cleaner when you walk your dog. Any aggressive dog approaches you or your dog, let 'em have it in the eyes with the oven cleaner. Takes the aggressiveness right out of any dog.



Damn! It's a shame that it came to that, but good job protecting your family.

Stuff like that bugs the shit out of me. There is a local county park near by that I go to pretty often and it seems like people think that just because there are a couple trees around, they should let their dogs run loose. I've had to run several off from my wife and dog to prevent a fight with mine.


Glad they are being decent and paying the bill.

We have a neighbor who's got 4 dogs; 3 of them big breeds, 1 or 2 being labs. Yesterday she had them ALL outside at once without any leashes on, and they came at my wife aggressively. We poked around a bit, and found that a lot of our other neighbors have had the same type of thing happen to them....kinda figure it's only a matter of time until they actually attack someone. I don't get how after all these repeat incidents, this idiot of a woman still isn't keeping them on their leashes.

Frustrating. For heaven's sake, our dog is a tiny thing, maybe 12 lbs full grown, and we ALWAYS have him on a leash outside. Would be nice if others had half the consideration.


You answered the question yourself. She's an idiot.


I'd have a conversation with the neighbor to address your concerns and inform her that it is both illegal and unethical to allow her animals to be outside without being properly restrained. If that doesn't solve the problem, involve local law enforcement.


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Report their dog to the Hawthorne police.


Tell them if it happens again their dog is dead. My dog is like my baby. If something latched onto his neck, if I didn't stab it to death on the spot, I do believe that dog would mysteriously disappear forever at some point in the near future.


I believe a knife is the better option given the circumstances, especially if the dog has already closed the gap. You don't risk shooting your dog, kids, wife, or bystanders in the scuffle if you opt for a knife and it will be just as effective, if not more.


I've learned that about 95% of dog owners, shouldn't be dog owners. From untrained dangerous animals, to folks who think its ok to have a great pyranese in an apartment. Ive got a few dogs but they run on 300 acres and know their limits. To the OP, it is also handy to carry some rocks, point with your throwing hand as you release, dogs think its magic.


Brake clean or wasp spray work well also and they shoot a directed stream.


With dog on my arm and spinning me all around, I would probably fired wildly vs just stabbing the dog in the neck. My family was within 2 feet of me. I'm not a trained assassin or anything. But sure, any weapon would have been great that day - a parameter of clay-mores for instance.


No, dont bring a gun to a dog fight. Like he said ^, you;re neither trained in the situation and you will definitely be shitting yourself with an itchy trigger finger.

Doesn't bear mace work on dogs?