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Does Zeb Have a Job?


I know this is not strictly a world issue just yet, but does he have a job? Can you have a job and post here all the time? Can you get the bible on DVD and find quotes out of it. How does he do it?

Is he a meth addict who hasn't slept in months, or just a scholar of the inetnet? Is he a silver surfer as he has trained for 30 years?

It is a mystery that needs an answer. Let the investigation begin.


I just want to go on record to deplore the use of these forums for personal attack.

I think that we can all air our opinions -- often in a strong manner --while agreeing to disagree in a manner that does not attack the other person directly. That is not the way we should conduct ourselves here.

Your comments are also ridiculous because just because someone spends time on these forums and knows his Bible well or has access to Bible software, means he doesn't work?

For example, I have wireless internet access and Bible software on my computer, but I work every day and have done so since I was 15! So what does that prove?

Let's leave these forums to discuss issues -- even complex ones, even theological ones, but let us agree to leave the personal attacks aside. It is really unseemly............

...just my opinion guys...........



And your avatar suggests you have good taste in the charachter of a person.

Homer....shaking head

What would Reagan do?


That was a real douchebag post. Lots of folks make a ton of posts on this site and you're not attacking them.

Go be a dickhead somewhere else.



Dammit this animated gif does not work here...




Umm, nothing? He died. Like, two years ago. It was on TV. :slightly_smiling:


Serious comments or questions about our real lives don't belong in the forums...

I know I was pissed when a certain person started attempting to discredit my comments by reflecting on my personal life.

That was inappropriate, just as this thread is, or the legendary Oogie thread was.


Not to hijack this worthy thread, but what is "Oogie"?


don't ask.


He certainly isn't doogie.

Just want to make sure that is still clear.


Maybe he has the strength of his convictions, a rare quality these days.


I guess Miniross meant it as a joke and a play on the Prof X threads about his omnipresence.

But I must agree with Vroom - it doesn't belong into the politics forum, and will most certainly offend ZEB.

So I'd say drop it. Even as a joke, it's kinda weak.



Yeah, since vouching for yourself is always suspect...

Doogie is certainly not Oogie.


Maybe it's some wierd British humor thing which we don't understand.

Zeb loves the Bible, which is cool. No reason to start a bullshit thread like this.


Yes, it is obviously humour that you did not get.

It was not meant as an attack in any way.

Chill out guys.


OK, I have done a search for Oogie, but I am not sure which thread you are referencing. Can someone PM me?



I'll chill out as you suggested, if you would do us a favour and tell us how this thread,which YOU STARTED, is funny?

Please let us in on the "humour" then we can drop it.

Please answer this question directly so we can all get a laugh. We could use one.................


Not only Job, he has the whole Bible.


Congratulations Zeb, you have a thread devoted to just you! Wow! Just a few more and you could be as famous as Professor X!