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Does Your Spouse/Significant Other Support Your Steroid Use?


My wife pinned me this morning and she’s fucking awesome at it. She would put most nurses to shame. I got to wondering if other guy’s wives, girlfriends, SO, etc. are supportive of their gear use?

I cruise and blast and always let her know when I want to go on my next blast. For me, I self treat which means I buy from UGLs, which means no insurance and a blast costs more than cruising so she needs to know when I’m spending more.

My wife hates Tren but pretty much lets me do whatever else I want and pins me whenever I ask her.

Am I super lucky or do a lot of guys have this level of support?


Same here man. Granted we are both docs. So yea her needle skills rock haha. :slight_smile:

Same here with tren as well. She doesn’t like the downstream effects. But test and eq she’s down for :slight_smile:


My wife supports it. Have yet to get her to administer my dose, she keeps threatening to but always chickens out.


Same here bro!
My girlfriend is a bikini girl so understand steroids and has no issue with me using she also pins me, because my flexibility sucks and I struggle pinning my glutes so she now does it for me! It’s actually started to de-sensitize her to needles as she is terrified of them,

She doesn’t mind me being on tren but then will blame tren if we ever fall out so for that reason I’ve stopped using it cba with the grief


You mean a bikini competition competitor or a model? Does she use anabolic steroids like var, winny etc.


Bikini competitor shes trying out Var atm low dose 10mg a day


My wife is pretty playful during a pin. Slaps my butt and and usually tucking the alcohol pad in my crack afterwards!! :smiley:

Yes, we are twisted LOL


I’ve let my wife pin me a few times, but prefer to do it myself. But she’s on low dose test as well and I do her shots. Albeit they seem like I’m not doing anything at 1/10 of a cc. But yes she’s supportive. Wasn’t at first and then came on board with results and knowing that I’m super careful


Doesn’t approve, but still doesn’t disapprove of it.

Steroid use is seen as silly/absurd in Japan.


My wife tried super low dose test too and I pinned her too. She stopped because she felt her voice was deepening.


So far so good for us. It’s super complicated though. She’s a cancer survivor and her tumor was estrogen and progesterone fed so oncologist won’t allow for traditional hormone therapy and has her on tamoxifen 20mg daily. Chemo put her through menopause. Docs current approach is to give thyroid a small bump which in turn should slightly elevate estrogen and then up her test as well. She’s feeling so much better, and has her first check up following bloods on Friday. I’m interested to see what he says because her total test is way high at like 200 but her free test is right in range. Guess we’ll see.


Wow! How scary for you both.


Yeah it was a sucky couple of years but she came out on top and kicked its ass!