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Does Your Girlfriend Lift With You

and if so how do you go about getting it to happen if she didnt lift to begin with?

my girl got off of depoprevera X amount of months ago and has not stopped slowly but surely gaining wieght since. I appreciate thickness more than anybody i know but soon shes going to be a extra value meal away from fat. she IS NOT pregnant, the shot just effects her the opposite way of most other women (most say it makes them gain…she loses ive watched her get on and off it for periods of time).

i want her to lift and eat right with me but she makes excuses and doesnt get it thru her head…

I would never go with my gf (if I had one). I’d just get too distracted and start thinking about sex more than the iron. Damn that testoserone flowing through my veins!

I’d rattle those tits… curse you and your distracting avatars!

I used to when I had one, but the thing is we where both into weight training. Maybe a subtle hint(yo bitch put down the donut I joke) or you know women like it when you do stuff with them invite her along in the guise of “I want to spend time with you”

sort of… theres a couple girls who i want to be my girlfriend that lift at my gym.

nope, different goals, so different routines.

in the past we have, which is nice to have a girl that wants to workout.

where is hotcarl?

My wife lifts and we usually go at the same time but we do not lift together that often. She lifted before we met

[quote]Makavali wrote:
I’d rattle those tits… curse you and your distracting avatars![/quote]

What is this thread about again?

i cant think of anything worse, gym is my time to get away from everything and anything…its where i do a lot of my thinking…

I sometimes lift with my brother’s wife.

It’s… not what you think.

I used to have a girlfriend that didn’t work out. She saw my gym time as competition for her time. Now I have a girlfriend that likes to lift and we lift together. We generally do the same routines, with some tweaking.

Now the only gripe I hear has to do with how it’s a pain in the ass to take my 45 pound plates on and off the bar.