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Does Your DL Have to Be Higher?



This might sound like a stupid question but does your Deadlift have to be higher then all your other lifts?

cheers for answering.


Of course it doesn't have to be anything, higher, lower, whatever. Ideally, if your body is performing in a synergistic manner with no imbalances, it's typically the greatest poundage you can handle. Some people have higher squats, but I think in advanced athletes, it's less common.


Yes except for partial deadlifts.


So your saying deadlifts has to be higher?


klkl cheers for answering

People on mens health were having ago at me because my squat was higher than my deadlift that was due to the equipment I had but they didnt understand that.


i mean, what are your goals? powerlifting? if that's the case, you should try to get your deadlift up.

if not well....do you look good naked? then who care?


I was just trying to highlight the arbitrary nature of your question. Now if your asking should Deadlift be higher than your squat, that's a better question.

I will say that in my experience (and the experience of people I've trained with) as you progress in training giving equal time to squat and deadlift, the squat will start to progress more slowly than the deadlift (unless you are some sort of squat beast).

What are your numbers at the moment? How long have you been training? How are the two lifts progressing at the moment? How much time are you giving each? Deadlift doesn't have to be higher but if you are training hard in both there is a good chance it will pass out your squat (again: unless you are some sort of squat beast).


What equipment? You mean knee wraps or suits or something like that? Do you mean that the equipment you have is not conducive to deadlift training e.g. no platform, no chalk?

Just seems a bit weird for equipment to be the reason that you squat more than you deadlift.


Iv yet to see someone have a higher squat then deadlift if they squat parallel-atg, but iv seen aton of people have higher squats because aton of people quarter squat :wink:.


^^^ this is very true.

To the OP: post videos of your squat and deadlift, maybe this is due to problems with technique. Remember the sooner you correct technique problems the better.


My school gym was only opened once a week and it had a power rack so I used that day to do my squat I only had a bench and my weights went up to 110kgs.


Atm I can do only 5x5 73kg squat and 5x5 90kg deadlift i've only gotten back into weights for about 3weeks now and I stopped doing them since september.

Anyways do those numbers look reasonable?


I cant tell how my Squat technique is but I do know my technigue for the deadlift is shit I keep on bending my back and the same goes for my rows so Im going to practice them on saturdays.


So a squat rack is the piece of equipment helping you squat more...

I dont understand this whole post was because you said your squat was higher than your deadlift... But according to your numbers you have a heavier deadlift so whats the deal.


In my gym i have a bench, barbell and weights that only go up to 110kgs but my school has a power rack which i can use for squat and my school gym was only opened once a week so i aint going to waste my time doing bench or deadlift at the school gym when i can easily do it home and my deadlift is higher than my squat but I just wanted to know if its true that your deadlift has to be higher than your squat or your bench.

You get me now?


Well from what I have noticed if you are using powerlifting gear then your squat would probably be higher but, if you train raw 90% of the time your deadlift is going to be higher(unless your just terribly built for the deadlift and perfect for the squat). So its not a bad thing seems like everything is going just fine.


My goal is to get stronger and yeh I look alright naked


AS long as you deadlift more than you're curling... :slight_smile: On a sidenote: your numbers seem balanced.


that is the same reason my bench was my biggest lift for awhile. I was beginning and my technique was crap and my lower back would hurt. (well I used to lift a lot but that was back in 93). But I think the reason was due to my noobishness and just needing training.

So I stopped doing squats and deads and went and hired a trainer to help me.

A lot of the problems highlighted in the recent squat article were the same problems I had and we similarly focused on flexibility and mobility and strengthening my core and glutes. (I've also had ITBS in the past probably for the same: imbalanced muscle).

Now my deadlift is higher than my bench, it's only been a few weeks and it's still improving fast so I don't know where it will end up at.

My squat is still lower but I'm catching up, I can finally do front squats below parallel. Back squats are still harder I'm not sure if it's just my posterior is too weak. I have long limbs and really like front squats more, I just have to get the hang of the clean grip which is my main problem now.


i know this is off topic, but for future references can you guys tell me some general KG numbers converted into pounds. i guess just tell me all of the common benchmarks; 45, 135, 225, 315, 405(pounds). oh, and wats your bench numbers, cuz you said your squat was still below it right?