Does Your Body Burn a Certain Macro Depending on the Ratio?

Heres my situation my low carb day i have been deceeasing carbs and slowly decreasing fats and proteins. Im at the point where im eating 268p/99c/91f. My fats seem too high because i still want my body to be running off carbs. My high carb day which is every other day(full body workouts) is 350c and 37f.

Before i dropped the cals for my low carb day, it was 273p/127c/96f.

Should i just drop some fat before dropping carbs now or does this not matter in terms of what get burned?

Your body burns primary fuel first - glycogen. Then it burns the stuff you ate last. Only then it turns to fat. In a caloric deficit, it mostly burns ALL anyways, because its primary function is to survive and not lose weight, so protein has very limited time to do something before it gets burned as an expensive sugar.

My belief is that if you are in a deficit, macros do not really matter, because everything is shit anyways at that poin. You basically die slowly, lose muscle, lose fat, get weaker and slower. So ive always tried to end the cuts as fast as possible.

Im sure there are some science guys who will tell that there is some difference about how you use the macros, but its probably a science done in a lab and shows up on a chart. So far i havent seen people getting incredibly different results in controlled enviroment, by only doing different stuff with macros.


Great. Thank you for the response.

Yes. Lower fats to minimal - 0.3g/lb BW if natty. Can be lower if enhanced.

Fats are the only macro that can be stored as bodyfat without undergoing a chemical conversion. More than minimal fats is not beneficial for gains or fatloss. Carbs are helpful for energy, protein sparing effect, and workout performance.

The body will burn macros more or less - the same (protein has slightly different rules). Carbs are better left medium or high, and fats are better left as low as possible without interfering with hormones (0.3g for natties).

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How much do you weigh?

6ft 184.8 as of this morning.

You are taking in way too much protein. You can reduce it and increase carbs and get the same or better result.

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I was told when carb intake is lower, protein has to be raised and vise versa. I also was told that protein intake should be the same. I never knew whoch way to go so thats why my protein is really high.

I had low carbs on rest days because im not active besides a little bit from work and fasted liss cardio.

I was considering changing to 220p/355c/65f on workout days and 220p/177c/77f on rest days following the leangains method. Its still relatively the same amount of cals weekly. Just off by a couple hundred.

In my avatar here (six-plus-year-old photo) I am 5-7% bodyfat, a couple of weeks out from the only show I did. I was in the high 170’s there and at that point was 190-something grams of protein and 80 to 100 g carbs and the rest fat.

Of course that’s now how the five-and-half-month prep started, but I don’t think protein was ever much over 200 g.

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Interesting. I guess i fed into the fear mongering the less protein would cause me to recover less and i would lose muscle. Ill change up my diet and incorporate more carbs on rest days. Thanks for the input.

Is there any more advice you could give on getting to 10% bf? Im losing fat but i have no increased definition at all. My weight stalls constantly even more so than before hitting the 12% threshold. I find myself decreasing cals every two weeks now.

did you carb cycle during this prep?

Yes, for the whole thing.

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Gradually decrease calories and increase cardio.

Don’t make changes so long as you are losing weight. Besides there’s no rush if you have no event.

Why do you want to get such low bodyfat?

I stalled at weight but ive been losing fat. I guess it WAS a mistake to slightly increase cardio and decrease cals despite losing fat. It is what it is. Ive never been shredded before.

I came to the realization that when i cut down before, i wasnt anywhere near as lean as i shouldve been. If i get shredded once, i know ill be able to do it again and ill try to keep my body relatively lean this way.

I just wanted to rush because ive been cutting since 225lbs. I lost a good amount of strength and im tired of cutting already. I kept making deadline after deadline and failed to meet each one.

I think it’s worth it to hire someone to get it done the first time.

Not to take away from any of the practical advice @BrickHead is giving, but I do want to clarify one concept I think confuses folks and is what gets them doing crazy macro things that don’t help:

Dietary fat is not your adipose tissue.



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Are you referring to when keto people get confused on burning fat vs burning fat? :joy:

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Should cuts have a certain duration or am i fine cutting as long as i need to? I think ive been cutting for almost several months now. I lost track.

I think if someone is cutting indefinitely without a desired result or end in sight, he should stop and reassess how to do it successfully.