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Does WSSB Really Work?


I've been doing many CW programs and some stuff I've put together based on his Set/Rep Bible that worked quite well the last few months to increase strength and size.

However, it's time to switch things up again, and although I originally planned on using Charles Staley's 21-Day Itch program, it just won't work for my training partners (not enough experience under their belt for some of the stuff).

So I decided that Westside for Skinny Bastards would be a good overall program to continue to increase size and strength (and give us more arm/shoulder work to look good naked!). My only concern is if it will continue to work for more than a few weeks. Since I'm so used to CW's programs and following his Set/Rep Bible parameters, I wasn't sure if WSSB meets those same ideas that CW believes is necessary for strength and size.

It seems like a really good plan, and I'm basing our program more along the lines of WSSB part 2 (slightly different weight training program and the addition of a strongman conditionining day).

Any feedback?


I did WSSB I and found it be a very good program. My strength def. went up and I put on a bit of size.

I would def. recommend the program to anyone who's interested. Give it a try and see what you think.


I liked both I and II versions of this program...both similar, but II gives you a layout for running templates to be incorporated. I think this would be a good longterm(2-3 month) program because of the variety you are allowed in the lifts. The flexibility of these programs are why I enjoyed them so much. I'm not too sure about extensive hypertrophy on the program as I trained for strength emphasis and didn't go all out with a bulking diet while doing this program, but did enjoy nice increases in the lifts I performed and some weight gain.(@ 5 lbs on pretty much a maintenance diet)


this idea isn't actually true.

WSSB is from Joe DeFranco. he knows his shit quite well. im sure WSSB is one of the best programs around.


I love this program. It helped me increase my strenght and size. Before the program I barely could lift 165lbs (weak bastard), now I lift around 225lbs. Try it! It works.


Cool deal. Thanks for the feedback!

My main concern was whether there were enough sets/reps per bodypart to elicit strength and mass gains since the majority of assistance work is done for 3-4 sets of 6-10 reps, which is on the low end of CW's Set/Rep Bible parameters.

We start Monday, so we'll see how it goes. My training partners will enjoy this program. I just hope it works well for me too. We won't be doing the agility/running exercises, but I wanted to use the weight workouts from WSSB 2 because I liked the improvements Joe DeFranco made over WSSB 1.

By the way, I set up an Excel spreadsheet for WSSB 2 (weight workouts), so if anyone would like a copy, feel free to PM your email address to me, and I'll send you a copy.


If you're interested in being stronger, then a Westside template is unbeatable.


I'm starting it monday also. I'll compare notes in a couple of months.


ive been on the program for 8 weeks now. i began wssb with a complete new supplement stack as well.
Low-Carb Grow!

some strength gains to mention
bench: +30lbs 1rpm
squat: +45lbs 1rpm
row: +35lbs + 5 reps

size gains:
height: 5'11
weight: (time of day, water, etc..)
from 173-177 to 180-184
biceps: +1/4"
chest: +3/4"

so in all i love the program, the gains, the options which is a huge help for me. i never seem to get bored and i now find myself excited about going home and working out

other notes:
-i recently stopped the TRIBEX/M stack,

-starting the scrwny to brawny meal plan.


I have been using WSSB II for about 2 1/2 months now, and I am still gaining strength and size. Way back in April I started with the WSSB I program.

I made better size gains by only doing a true 5RM every other week or so, but I have a tendency to burn myself out. I usually just do 5 reps with my 6 or 7RM.

There is a large thread over in Strength Sports, it was started by JimmyOZ about 2 months ago.

I also tried in that forum to get some feedback about my WSSB II split that involves some of the original Westside. No luck, but I thought it made sense to me.

Anyway, hope your lifting goes well.



Think less, lift more. :wink:


Westside is numero uno.


LOL! I lifted today. It was all good. :wink:


Hey just a quick question to everyone: Do you use the WSSB programme as supplemental training for sport (as how Joe DeFranco uses it with his althetes) or do you just use the it alone as a strength training programme?

The reason I have been using WSSB is that it fits into my sport (Karate) very well. It allows me to gain strength without using too much energy in the weight room and end up having no energy left to spar.

Geek boy


I'm using strictly the weight workouts and strongman conditioning. If I have more time/energy, then I do some additional stuff for cardio/GPP purposes (stadiums, sprints, etc.) once or twice a week.


First workout went very well. Feeling energized instead of run down, unlike the workouts in the past. Looking forward to the leg workout tomorrow!