Does Whey Protein Spoil?

Friend of mine has quit bodybuilding and given me some supplements. There’s a tub of whey protein he opened about 11 months ago and used some of but didn’t finish.

Will it still be OK for me to continue using the tub…or does it go off after a while?

6 months should be fine, but I was once given a tub of whey that was about 2 years old or something… it smelled really awful (really STRONG whey taste) … not sure if it was the brand or if it went bad… I tasted it once, tasted awful, decided against using it.

Unless it’s like 100 pounds for a jug of whey where you are, I’d get some new though I doubt it would kill you.

I don’t think I would use it. It may contain an ingredient that makes you quit bodybuilding.

Not worth the risk.

Most protein I have seen has a best use by date on it.

I do not think it matters if it was opened, just as long as it is properly stored and that its best to be used by a certain date. The last tub I bought actually has a use by date two years from now.

It probably oxidized months ago, so while it may not do any harm, it probably won’t do any good either.