Does Whey Protein Powder Become Less Effective After 30 Minutes?

I have been told that whey protein powder becomes less effective after 30 mins after mixing it with water/milk and that it’s best to drink it in the first 30 mins or an hour or it doesn’t get absorbed as well as it does in the first 30 mins. Is this true?
Since I was wondering because I drink a protein pre-workout smoothie and a protein post-workout smoothie. I wanted to blend them up before bed so I can wake up and just get them out of the fridge and drink them without using the blender and waking up everyone in the house at 5-6am.

The 30 minute rule is kind of a broscience thing that you are supposed to drink your protein within 30 minutes of your workout because you needed to catch the muscles in their “depleted state” in order to push the protein into the muscle.

As far as mixing it ahead of time, there is no impact to its potency. I always make my shakes at night and keep them in a cooler during the day until I leave for the gym from work.

No. Stop talking to whoever told you that.

After 24+ hours of sitting mixed, there may be some protein degradation/oxidization, but just overnight there’d be nothing significant and definitely nothing you’d notice.

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@studhammer @Chris_Colucci
Yeah, I agree in the first 24 hours. It really doesn’t matter otherwise my protein shake after my workout would have been useless after my 1 hour workout. I know it’s optimal to take your protein shake after your workout in the first hour. I didn’t really think that the protein would get depleted or something. I had to ask and make sure.

It’s good to have a post-workout shake, but it’s better to have the right protein/carbs pre- and during training. Explained here.

The protein starts degrading the SECOND it leaves the cow, get down and take it straight from the utter for best results.

Seriously though as long as you’re getting in protein throughout the day it doesn’t matter. There can be an argument for carb intake after workouts to speed up recovery by replenishing glycogen but even then it’s an extremely small detail and more important things should be prioritized

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