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Does weight training stunt growth?

Does it? Because I am 18 and 5’8" and I don’t want to stunt any growth with too much training.I want to grow my maximum and I know this is probably also determined by genetics
(my dad is ~5’7" and my mom is ~5’2") so I don’t know if I will grow anymore but I hope I can but I hope that I am not doing anything to PREVENT my body from growing anymore.CAn someone shed some light on this matter?

Short answer: No weight training does not stunt growth. Hit the iron & knock yourself out buddy ^_~

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I was told that exceptionally heavy lifting at too young an age can cause premature closing of the growth plates. I doubt 18 is considered too young. Just my thoughts.

it wont

Oh,I am not planning to stop weight training because I love it.It’s just that,I wanted to ask a legitimate question.And does diet play a big part in growing?

Kenneth: To put it simply…NO. This falls under the catagory of “Health and Fitness Mythology” and is one of those things that have been around for as long as I can remember. If anything, because of the effects that this Lifestyle has on GH, Testosterone, etc., at the very least, it is a SYNERGIST for growth.

I would have to say no. I started lifting when I was about 13 or 14 and I’m 6’1. I wasn’t lifting heavy but I was lifting. Also, Arnold started young and he’s about 6’2, as well as other bodybuilders. Also, at 18, you’re just about at the end of your growth phase, so you should be good.

diet can play a part in growing, but usually only in children, when your body is growing really fast. I doubt diet would have much effect on your growth at teh age of 18. And don’t give up hope, many men have a growth spurt in their early 20’s you may get another inch!

At 18 I would imagine your test. is through the roof, I know mine is. Eat big, train hard, and grow large while you still can

NO…I started lifting when I was 14, at 5’ 6"…Now I stand about 6’1" and I am 22. Also, take a look at how both of your parents grew (ie when they made big growth spurts), because I was only 5’11’ last year and I have grown about 2 inches since then…Now that I look at it, my old man shot up from 5’10’ to almost 6’4’ when he was in his early 20s(as am I)…now if only i could add about 25 more lbs. to this frame…

How can u tell if your T is shooting thru the roof? Does every guy have high T around this agE?