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Does Using More Stabilizers Lead to More Hypertrophy?

Does more use of stabilizer muscles increase hypertrophy? It’s weird, because if you take stabilizers out the equation, and use a machine with a fixed bar path(instead of using free weights you have to balance) you are able to increase the load by alot, Im really having trouble understanding the big picture so I just use a mix of both

That’s your answer


Overloading The Muscles

One of the keys to for increasing size is to over load that particular muscle.

Stabilizer Muscle Movements

The limiting factor in over loading a particular muscle is the stabilizer muscles; they are the weak link in the chain.

In performing let’s say a heavy set of Squat, the Stabilizer Muscles (lower back and abs) are overloaded; the legs are under loaded.

Squat Example

The lower back/core are the stabilizer muscles in the Squat. The lower back is quickly and easily overloaded.

That means the lower back give out long before the legs are overloaded; the legs are underloaded.

Leg Press

The Leg Press, machines in general, take the Stabilizer Muscles out out of the equation. It allowing you to completely overload you legs, for Hypertrophy and increase Limit Strength (1 Repetition Max)

Thus, if you objective is to increase muscle mass in a particular muscle or muscle group, you need to use some machines.

The Downside

The downside of someone only using machines is the Stabilizer Muscle aren’t worked or developed.


As he stated, you need to use a mix.

Performing Free Weight Exercise ensures increased size and strength in your Stabilizer Muscles.

Performing Machine Exercise ensures you maximize size and strength in the particular muscle/muscle groups you are training.

Free Weight and Machines

Both are training tools. You want to use the right tool for the right job.

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You are able to increase the amount of stress placed on the target muscle, which can be a huge benefit if you’re unable to adequately target that area as well as the rest of your physique. This is huge when you’re approaching your training like a sculptor, aiming to create a certain look.

Alternatively, hitting multiple muscle groups at once (which includes stabilizers) is the rationale behind the “always focus on compound lifts…” approach, as in theory it can allow for stimulation of more areas, although always guaranteeing the main targets receiving adequate work.

So yeah, it can be argued both ways.


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Plus it can be a huge help if you need to bring something up that’s causing a weakness in a lift or that’s making another part take too much strain.


Hmm. Kinda related so would certain muscle groups lend themselves better to machine movements e.g. biceps or delts?

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