Does Urinalysis Raise Red Flags?

Doc wants me to get a urinalysis to find out what bacteria is causing my UTI. Honestly It could also be Inflamed prostate due to my cycle or a combination of the two. but the cloudy urine suggests otherwise.

Anyways. Is taking a urinalysis going to raise any red flags of my gear use?

I’m 4 weeks into Test 750mg/week, winny 50mg/day, anavar 50mg/day, clen tapered up to 120mcg from 40mcg 4 weeks ago.

I was also on masteron, but dropped that thinking the extra DHT was causing my symptoms, that was 2 weeks ago and no relief, so will probably start that up again.

Dude i want to read your log. Log that shit.

Decided to just start the antibiotics without the urinalysis. Labs are closed until Monday anyway. Rather not wait if the antibiotics will help.

Wasn’t going to post it, but just for you, lol