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Does TRT Stop Me from Joining the Police?

Exogenous T being synthetically made leaves behind a marker that shows up on the PED test.

Interesting. I thought it was bioidentical.

The testosterone naturally produced by the body is made from material that was once a carbon-12 selecting plant (which was eaten by a cow which turned into your steak, for example), so it has a similar isotopic carbon-13/carbon-12 ratio. Testosterone produced outside the body comes from the world of pharmaceuticals, where the carbon hasn’t been through the same million-year-old selecting cycle. Because of this, synthetic testosterone tends to be slightly richer in carbon-13 than natural testosterone. WADA uses an isotope ratio mass spectrometer to check the isotopic ratio of testosterone in a urine sample. If it deviates from natural testosterone by three carbon-13 atoms per thousand or more, it’s marked as a failed test, which indicates the presence of exogenous testosterone. Copy and Pasted -----Im not this smart