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Does TRT Stop Me from Joining the Police?

Wasn’t something I’d thought about until just now. Would being on TRT affect me trying to join the Police as a constable for example?

Yes it does disqualify you as already having a pre-existing condition.

No. In fact, being healthier and stronger will help you pass the PT requirements.

Until you test positive. Then fired.

Why would you want to be the scum of the earth lol

Police departments do not test for testosterone. Or anabolic steroids for that matter, at least the several that I am familiar with anyway.

I know you’re joking, cops are like lawyers, everyone hates them, until you need one. Reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw in the '70s:

Hate the police? Next time you need help, call a hippie.

Lots of guys on my local department are on trt. Even the chief

I know for a fact it is encouraged by superior officers, much rather they be able to subdue the bad guys without the use of weapons.

What would you test positive for exactly?

Cops are a reactionary force. If you need one, it is already too late. You are better off arming yourself. You are 19 times more likely to die by cop than by terrorist.

My old man was one, even he hates them.

My sister’s man is one, he calls anyone that isnt a cop the general population and looks down one everyone that isnt one.

I have never needed to call upon them and never will.

It is usually a metabolite that is detected or through an isotopic ratio of testosterone in the urine.

A lot of police departments have abandoned steroid testing because it is so expensive.

Of course, and I do arm myself. However, I know some good people that are cops. I also know some that shouldn’t be cops.

As for your statistic, I think I’ll take my chances with the police.

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I hope so.

In my experience cops are some of the biggest juicers out there

This is true

But we all have testosterone. They are simply testing for a ratio between T and epiT. If you are on exogenous and keeping things at your script there shouldn’t be any issue I would think.

Especially in larger cities. On the increase in the military too.

Australian Defense are massive juice heads